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Description: When no one was around, Tina and Greg found themselves all alone in the school lounge and both were so horny they figured they would screw and pass the time away. Soon they were both feeling each other up and then munching each other out until spit and pussy juice and cum were flying everywhere. Then to his surprise Greg saw Tina bend over and tell him to fuck her tight little asshole and fill it with his hot, salty, gooey spuzz. Greg did just that and Tina was ready for more.

Model(s): Judith B, Adam | Duration: 13min 10sec | Type: SD | Size: 191mb

Model(s): Judith B, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Alina was working her biceps and triceps when her coach got ready to teach her a new exercise. First Adam pulled out his hard meaty tool and the sporty girl got down to work. Then he ordered her to get on top and start steadily bouncing up and down. Alina’s back hole was so tight that some licking and poking could be of use. It looks like the girl got a far more intense workout than she counted on.

Model(s): Alina, Adam | Duration: 17min 47sec | Type: HD | Size: 421mb

Model(s): Alina, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: The lusty lady in the white stockings looks good and she's feeling kinda naughty. Her asshole has been itching to be penetrated deeply and this young man is ready to be the one to give it to her. He loves those stockings and how soft and sexy they make her legs look. He wants to caress them and slide his cock along them but more than anything he wants to bone her in the asshole. He wants to make her scream out in pleasure and pain.

Model(s): Cornelia, Adam | Duration: 16min 5sec | Type: SD | Size: 235mb

Model(s): Cornelia, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Natali gets ready to go out, but her boyfriend thinks she’s dressed for a good old ass fuck. Soon you’ll see this fuckable babe having on just her sexy red thongs and black gartered stockings while Adam is having his way with her soft white booty. The blonde’s panties are getting pushed aside as her guy rims and rams her little puckered hole like there’s no tomorrow.

Model(s): Natali, Adam | Duration: 15min 59sec | Type: HD | Size: 378mb

Model(s): Natali, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: These two are partying at home doing some karaoke until this long legged brunette wants some hard throbbing cock. She lets this guy check out her bum under her mini skirt and then he's having a hot time exploring her ass as she lays prone on the floor. He's all over that asshole in a flash and fingers that stinky hole until he gets it opened wide enough for his big rigid boner to stuff into. She lets him fuck her pussy first for some lubrication and then he plunges it into her tight shitter.

Model(s): Judith B, Adam | Duration: 12min 46sec | Type: SD | Size: 185mb

Model(s): Judith B, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Natali felt puzzled a bit as to what her boyfriend was up to while messing around her behind. This sexy blondie was wearing just her silky blue robe and stockings giving Adam an easily access to her yummy back parts. The pervy guy fingered her booty making some room for his dick, while this blonde bimbo was giving him head. At last he got very stiff and shoved his big meaty pole into Natali’s ready butthole.

Model(s): Natali, Adam | Duration: 14min 40sec | Type: HD | Size: 347mb

Model(s): Natali, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: This pretty brunette girl in stockings gets it on with a big stud who is a smooth operator. He seduces her into giving up that hot booty and then pounds that big juicy bunghole of hers. She loves that man meat and sucks him furiously too. Her bunghole is so tight he winces from the pain of his rock hard cock being squeezed like a vice and he holds onto her with both hands even when she fucks him cowchick style. Of course it all ends with a big fat cum blast!

Model(s): Laura, Adam | Duration: 16min 15sec | Type: SD | Size: 237mb

Model(s): Laura, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: This guy found this sexy babe playing with herself in the college library lounge and knew he had stumbled upon a great opportunity to get himself a taste of good ass. She was in there stuffing her pussy and asshole with a fat dildo hoping to get a man when suddenly this lucky guy showed up and was ready to fill her tight little holes with hard throbbing cock and fuck this girl stupid until she cums like a raging river. Dude so finds her ass tight and delicious and hot he gets scared and crams his boner all the way in.

Model(s): Laura, Adam | Duration: 15min 32sec | Type: SD | Size: 226mb

Model(s): Laura, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: A true anal slut is hard to find so this guy is quite lucky that he hired a secretary who also happens to love anal fucking. She’ll let him tag her asshole anytime; as long as he can get a boner then he can fuck her dirty anus. She comes to work every day with a clean asshole and a lust for butt banging. When he requests she bends over and makes her rectal cavity available for deep penetration. It’s always a lusty screw and she always cums.

Model(s): Judith B, Adam | Duration: 12min 38sec | Type: SD | Size: 183mb

Model(s): Judith B, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: In her delicate lingerie and her black stockings she looks ravishing; good enough to eat really. He just wants to fuck her though and he’s going to get the chance when she spreads those long legs and lets him penetrate her bottom. She loves to take it up the tailpipe because she’s a wanton, cock craving cutie who gets off on being used for sexual pleasure.

Model(s): Mima, Adam | Duration: 14min 12sec | Type: SD | Size: 207mb

Model(s): Mima, Adam | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos


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