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Description: Leonard saw his neighbor Nora's big juicy tits and longed to fuck her nasty young cunt and fill it with his spooge. She was itching in her nasty young cunt and it was dripping for a hard older cock to pound into it. She gobbled up that pulsing fat dick of his and he got his wish to play with her big juicy tits. Soon his stone rigid dick was deep inside that gripping young vagina where he fucked her wildly.

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Duration: 15min 23sec | Type: SD | Size: 224mb

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Site: GirlsForOldMen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Naughty blonde Virginia wants to give up that plump juicy young vagina to older man Leonard, and her teasing gets his cock good and hard for the fun to come. He always dreamed of slamming her tight girl pussy and when the blonde sucked on his thick meaty member he knew his dreams would come true. Soon he was fucking her nasty girl cunt and she squealed with delight as he fucked her hard until he busted a major wad of cum in her.

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Description: Virginia the cute blonde is after Leonard B's hard gentleman's cock and he's not about to miss out in stuffing his pulsing fat dick deep into her. She loves sucking his cock righ there in the living room and the older man loves slamming his thick meaty member deep in her pretty face and then into her nasty girl vagina filling it with gooey cum.

Model(s): Sibylla, Marcus M | Number of pics: 74 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Sibylla, Marcus M | Site: GirlsForOldMen.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Blonde girlie Nora stopped by to sleaze on gentleman Leonard to get his hard older cock. She waited outside the shower fingering moistened sweet pussy and dreaming of his older, blood filled cock and when he hopped on that bed she wasted no time throwing that hot young pussy all up in his face. Soon she got her wish and he delivered her his stone rigid dick and as a special treat gave her a hot wad of spuzz that made the young girl happy.

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Number of pics: 54 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Site: GirlsForOldMen.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Gilf Nora is in the bedroom knowing some pulsing fat dick is in the future for that moistened sweet pussy of hers and along comes neighbor Leonard. He like most older guys first goes for her big juicy tits not knowing that She wanted nothing more but him to pound that nasty young cunt of hers. Soon the action was on and the older man was baking his boner int that nasty young cunt and delivering his load.

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Duration: 14min 56sec | Type: SD | Size: 218mb

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Site: GirlsForOldMen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Desiring a blood filled cock for a morning meal, hottie Nora makes her move on her older neighbor Leonard and offers him some hot young pussy. His stone rigid dick was more than enough for her and he knew she wanted a hot wad of spuzz for her efforts. The younger chick gobbled up his hard older cock so fast that she almost gagged then he stuffed his rock hard boner deep into her hot young pussy.

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Duration: 14min 36sec | Type: SD | Size: 212mb

Model(s): Nora, Leonard B | Site: GirlsForOldMen.com | Category: Videos


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