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Description: This nasty gay sissy had his horny passions up and needed his gripping transvestite ass fucked hard so Walter and Rupert decided to get it on. He jumped up and went to work to fuck that sissy ass and made him get on down to sucking his cock so it would be hard and stiff enough to penetrate the sissy's sweet raw bum. Soon that hard sturdy cock was destroying that horny sissy bitch.

Model(s): Walter, Rupert A | Duration: 15min 10sec | Type: SD | Size: 221mb

Model(s): Walter, Rupert A | Site: GaySissies.com | Category: Videos

Description: Gilbert and Walter need a tight helpless butt to fuck his cross dresser butt and make him squeal like a pig. Dude couldn't resist that gripping transvestite ass and the idea of this prospect he turned on to the max and soon was plunging his rock hard penis deep into the recesses of his gay sissy boy's nasty hot ass and churning it like butter. The nasty gay sissy squealed and whined as that rigid pulsing dick destroyed him and he finished off the action by doing some filthy sucking ass entombed cock action.

Model(s): Gilbert, Walter | Duration: 11min 57sec | Type: SD | Size: 173mb

Model(s): Gilbert, Walter | Site: GaySissies.com | Category: Videos

Description: Gilbert and Walter has his rigid pulsing dick at the ready, this dude targets his gay sissy friend's sweet raw bum and his friend is quite happy. Soon dude is porking sissy's bum and that sissy boy is so getting his cross dresser butt blasted open. He ends up nothing more than a cowering butt sissy slave as his boyfriend shoots some cum deep in his bum totally degrading and dominating his sissy victim.

Model(s): Gilbert, Vincent A | Duration: 16min | Type: SD | Size: 233mb

Model(s): Gilbert, Vincent A | Site: GaySissies.com | Category: Videos

Description: In the living room, this sissy takes on a fat juicy dick and these two, Hugo and Walter delight in that gripping transvestite ass getting totally annihilated. his sissy ravaged raw rectum is opened up bigger than a cave and he even does some nasty sucking ass entombed strapon cock making sure all his ass sauce is tasted on that rigid pulsing dick. The nasty action sees that gripping transvestite ass of his further owned.

Model(s): Hugo, Walter | Number of pics: 46 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Hugo, Walter | Site: GaySissies.com | Category: Pictures

Description: No one tells Walter and Rupert a nasty gay sissy like this one he can't get some rigid pulsing dick especially if he's got his mind set on doing some ass to mouth with his boyfriend here. Soon they start fucking like fiends and his boyfriend buries that fat juicy dick way up his pooper and starts slamming that sissy's bunghole like an engine piston that totally destroys his gooey funky butthole from the inside out.

Model(s): Walter, Rupert A | Number of pics: 48 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Walter, Rupert A | Site: GaySissies.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Hugo and Walter has a rock hard penis and like a torpedo it's targeting his gay sissy friend's steamy hot butt and the countdown is on. The nasty gay sissy sure got their naughty libido up as he started parading his tight hot sissy butt all up in dude's face so he would bang that sissy butt and the sissy fired up the action by sucking his cock which soon is buried in his nasty hot ass and annihilating it.

Model(s): Hugo, Walter | Number of pics: 53 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Hugo, Walter | Site: GaySissies.com | Category: Pictures


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