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Description: Due for some naughty girl tonguing these babes, Barbara and Gloria waste no time in rug munching each other while they're bouncing on that green sofa. The hot girl2girl drama kicks in as they use their sensual tender mouths to work the steam up in their tight moist vaginas. Soon the fragrant pussy scent is filling the air and that's when they ramp up that nasty lady kissing with more vicious hardcore tonguing.

Model(s): Barbara B, Gertie | Number of pics: 66 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Barbara B, Gertie | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: It's more pool table fun for Dolly and Gloria who use their tongues and lips like shower wands and get their boiling cunt sauces steamier than the running hot water. They love that naughty girl tonguing action and these two women2women nylon whores go to work overtime on their steamy tender pussies. The nylon lesbian babes mix up the hot water and their nasty lady kissing to rule their tight moist vaginas.

Model(s): Dolly, Gertie | Duration: 13min 41sec | Type: HD | Size: 323mb

Model(s): Dolly, Gertie | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: They don't have a fearsome strap on to work their boiling cunt sauces into a froth so Gloria and Paulina will be using whipped cream to accentuate their nylon crotch licking. Their hot moist pussies have to get them gushing cum juices and these two filthy dyke whores will bury their faces in their crotches as they keep on lapping up snatch like they were devouring a banana split dessert.

Model(s): Gertie, Paulina A | Duration: 13min 42sec | Type: HD | Size: 297mb

Model(s): Gertie, Paulina A | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: The world's going to heat up during this naughty girl tonguing session featuring Dolly and Gloria, on the pool table, who are two lesbian nylon sluts that love nothing more than to dive into their tight moist vaginas! The nylon kissing lesbians don't hold back from the naughty girl tonguing they engage in along with feeling each other up while taking their clothes off. They just ravish their tight moist vaginas in this wild nylon lesbian babes session!

Model(s): Dolly, Gertie | Number of pics: 75 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Dolly, Gertie | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Unsatisfied with just nasty lady kissing the bad girls Irene and Gloria season up their eating each other out in ways undreamed of. Their tongues and lips tenderize their bodies as they prepare to surrender their tight moist vaginas to one another. Soon the steaming pussy aroma is filling the air as these nylon lesbian babes end up quaking and quivering from their orgasms.

Model(s): Irene, Gertie | Number of pics: 91 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Irene, Gertie | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: When it comes to two nylon lesbian babes crazy about firing up their steamy tender pussies you won't find any girls as horny as Irene and Gloria! They live for that nylon lesbian sex and they are experts in using their tongues and lips to heighten their passion but this time the women2women nylon whores are going to get it on in the hot girl2girl drama that fires up as their steamy tender pussies start spewing their hot pussy juices!

Model(s): Irene, Gertie | Duration: 11min 56sec | Type: HD | Size: 282mb

Model(s): Irene, Gertie | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: The drooling pussy eating that Gloria and Paulina are doing is only equalled in passion to their face to crotch mashing action. These two naughty dyke licks dart in and out of the mouths and pussies and along with their squeezing their tits they get their hot pussy juices flowing like liquid from a squeeze bottle. The women to women caressing goes into high gear and soon these lesbian nylon sluts have satisfied themselves.

Model(s): Gertie, Paulina A | Duration: 11min 59sec | Type: HD | Size: 259mb

Model(s): Gertie, Paulina A | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: When it comes to some face to crotch mashing, Gloria and Paulina do it only for the flavor of their hot pussy juices and that means face first into their steaming soft vagina and there's no coming up for air! These filthy dyke whores don't need a mean looking strapon just yet but enjoy licking that pussy like zebras at a watering hole. After they've endulged themselves they erupt in a avalanche of climaxes.

Model(s): Gertie, Paulina A | Number of pics: 43 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Gertie, Paulina A | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures


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