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Description: It gets freaky with Kitty and Natali as they're caressing their breasts while getting themselves warmed up as one in purple and the other in her punk hairstyle aim to be gushing cum juices real soon. Those tongues and lips of theirs serve as lubrication for their use of a sex toy that will bring these filthy dyke whores to major orgasms on that light blue sofa. Now that they're done taking their clothes off there's no stopping them from owning those steamy tender pussies in their nylon licking sex fun.

Model(s): Kitty A, Natali | Number of pics: 62 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Kitty A, Natali | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Kitty and Natali are home doing some sloppy pussy eating and the taste of their hot pussy juices aren't enough for them. As they're fondling their tits and gushing cum juices they want more and they break out a dildo to accompany their sensual tender mouths. That's when these two nasty lesbian babes almost break the parlor couch ramming their steamy tender pussies in the wildest nylon lez licking sex you've ever seen.

Model(s): Kitty A, Natali | Duration: 19min 37sec | Type: HD | Size: 465mb

Model(s): Kitty A, Natali | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: It's nylon lesbian time for landlady and tennant Kitty and Beatrice who have those tight moist vaginas all warmed up for some naughty girl2girl sex. On the bed they swim around in their hot pussy juices as the two nylon lesbians dream of cumming in waves. The naughty girl2girl sex that these foxy lesbian sex sluts get it on with has their tongues and lips drooling with lust.

Model(s): Kitty A, Beatrice | Duration: 14min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 343mb

Model(s): Kitty A, Beatrice | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Feeling the heat are Kitty and Natali in their stockings digging into their tight moist vaginas with a fat dildo and that means some sexy lesbian loving to make you squirm! The action starts off with their stimulating sweet lips that sends shivers over their skin. They're all over that powder blue sofa slurping up their hot pussy juices with their throbbing wet tongues in the wildest naughty girl2girl sex on the web.

Model(s): Kitty A, Natali | Number of pics: 52 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Kitty A, Natali | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: This afternoon will have Dolly and Kitty with sticky fingers and tongues as they dream of cumming like bunnies in their hardcore lesbian nylon sex fun. Their lovely caressing lips explore their supple bodies as they're caressing their breasts which leads to a strapon beign whipped out. As their sensual tender mouths stir up their boiling cunt sauces they do some lez strapon fucking big time. Chicks like this love some nylon lez licking sex and you get to see these lesbian sex sluts doing what comes naturally to them!

Model(s): Dolly, Kitty A | Number of pics: 84 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Dolly, Kitty A | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures


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