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Description: Blonde and brunette in a tag team of passion as Trudy and Emilia two filthy filthy dyke whores get into it lesbian style with some drooling pussy eating and a whole lot more! They start off by fondling their boobs and that gets their hot pussy juices going like fizz on a shaken soda pop. They dive right in to some serious raunchy lesbian licking and sizzling clit rubbing. Soon these nasty sex lesbians have their steaming tight twats erupting in waves of pleasure.

Model(s): Trudy, Emilia C | Duration: 11min 57sec | Type: SD | Size: 173mb

Model(s): Trudy, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Videos

Description: Nora and Emilia are two hot blondes who want to get into some hot lesbian sex and that means some steamy action for sure. They whip out their lightning tongue licking filthy lesbian fuck sluts steaming tight twats and these two elegant babes get their hot pussy juices rising to the surface like just boiled seasoned rice. They intend on getting each other cumming in waves and that's alright with us!

Model(s): Nora, Emilia C | Duration: 14min 23sec | Type: SD | Size: 209mb

Model(s): Nora, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Videos

Description: Watch as these sexy wild babes Emilia and Irene get together for some raunchy hot cunnilingus that will make you sweat. The dirty young lesbians dive right into their hot snug vaginas ans the sloppy wet kissing and hugging warmed them up. It doesn't take much fo rthem to get sexually aroused and you can tell as their hot snug vaginas ooze juices as they reach total orgasm.

Model(s): Emilia C, Irene B | Duration: 16min 13sec | Type: SD | Size: 237mb

Model(s): Emilia C, Irene B | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Videos

Description: Megan and Emilia will need to clean the couch after this session of dripping hot cunnilingus as their hot pussy juices are squirting all over the place. They start off with that fondling their tits to get themselves cumming in waves and that action is soon followed by their tongues and lips that sends these two filthy dyke whores into a frenzy. Their steamy tender pussies are speaking their own language as that naughty girl tonguing just crescendos.

Model(s): Megan B, Emilia C | Duration: 12min 25sec | Type: SD | Size: 180mb

Model(s): Megan B, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Videos

Description: The sound of Megan and Emilia rug munching each other is reverating through the walls as these babes get involved in a wild lesbian session on the living room couch. Their sensual tender mouths flicker in and out of their steamy tender pussies and the room captures that fragrant pussy scent of their naughty girl tonguing. These naughty lesbian babes soon collapse in orgasms from their steamy tender pussies!

Model(s): Megan B, Emilia C | Duration: 12min 33sec | Type: SD | Size: 182mb

Model(s): Megan B, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Videos

Description: It'll be boiling cunt sauces perolating when Emmie and Emilia get their sensual tender mouths and that means the two babes will be cumming in waves asap. They use the apartment for their hot lesbian sex and when it comes to these two horny kissing lesbians you an bet there'll be some redcorating after they get into their infamous dripping hot cunnilingus. Their sensual tender mouths make short work of their twats and it's a tasty treat for both!

Model(s): Emmie, Emilia C | Number of pics: 54 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Emmie, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Pictures

Description: The sexy lesbian loving gets steamier than fuck in this bathroom session between these two women2women love whores Sheila and Emilia. They use their sensual tender mouths like whips and vacuums on those tight moist vaginas of theres and after a session of their lips and licks they're ready to start gushing cum juices. Their nasty lady kissing and dripping hot cunnilingus gets topped with a monster strap on that totally pleases these nasty lesbian babes.

Model(s): Sheila, Emilia C | Duration: 14min 30sec | Type: SD | Size: 211mb

Model(s): Sheila, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Videos

Description: Here comes nylon licking lesbians Nora and Emilia in their nighties getting their boiling cunt sauces flowing after some hot lesbian loving. They intend on cumming in waves and soon the room is full of their alluring pussy scent as they engage in some serious raunchy nylon licking that sends waves of pleasure through their bodies. These blonde nylon licking girls are now sexually satisfied.

Model(s): Nora, Emilia C | Number of pics: 69 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Nora, Emilia C | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Pictures

Description: That gold vibrator means Emilia and Irene won't settle for drooling pussy eating alone and of course some nylon crotch licking is gonna happen for these babes. They break out their naughty dyke licks and engage in some sensual fondling their boobs that gets their boiling cunt sauces gushing. Next to enhance their women to women caressing a mean strapon is used by these lesbian nylon sluts to heighten their pleasure.

Model(s): Emilia C, Irene B | Number of pics: 46 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Emilia C, Irene B | Site: LickSonic.com | Category: Pictures


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