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Model(s): Susanna, Roger | Duration: 13min 8sec | Type: SD | Size: 191mb

Model(s): Susanna, Roger | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Judging from the action here between cute blonde maid Susanna and her horny boss Rolf, good help isn't that hard to find especially when it's wearing sleek smooth nylons! Rolf takes charge and soon begins to pop a boner when he sees his exhibitionist whore slut maid Susanna in her yellow mini skirt and her lean sexy body working around the house. Susanna sees he's popped a boner and soon he's stuffing his cock into her seductive svelt nylons wrapped pussy and fucking her silly.

Model(s): Susanna, Rolf | Duration: 13min 30sec | Type: SD | Size: 196mb

Model(s): Susanna, Rolf | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: The dainty blonde babe is a world class beauty with a hot body and a lust for sex that knows no bounds. She knows that there are millions of men in the world that obsess about stockings more than anything and this young man happens to be one of them. He gets rock hard when she puts those red stockings on her hands and strokes his boner and she knows that in no time at all heís ready to explode. Thatís going to make him an excellent lover.

Model(s): Susanna, Walt B | Duration: 12min | Type: SD | Size: 174mb

Model(s): Susanna, Walt B | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: The blonde babe knows that the only thing she has to do to turn her man on is show off her sexy stockings and sheís right on the money. As soon as she touches herself just a little bit heís practically panting with desire. He wants to give her the boning of a lifetime, to pump his cock deep inside her and make her scream out. The wanton chick will take a stiff licking and then itís time for his dick to make its way up inside her pussy and into the pleasure zone.

Model(s): Susanna, Oscar | Duration: 11min 31sec | Type: SD | Size: 167mb

Model(s): Susanna, Oscar | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: The delivery man comes to the corporate office and finds himself giving a package to a gorgeous, no-nonsense hottie in sheer stockings and a short skirt. He senses a sexual looseness on her part and when he makes his move she is what you would call receptive. She would love to have him inside her tight body and heís ready to make all her naughty dreams come true with his hard cock. The two of them make sweet love right there on her desk and floor.

Model(s): Susanna, Nicholas | Duration: 11min 40sec | Type: SD | Size: 169mb

Model(s): Susanna, Nicholas | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: none

Model(s): Susanna, Morris E | Duration: 14min 24sec | Type: SD | Size: 210mb

Model(s): Susanna, Morris E | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: none

Model(s): Susanna, Oscar | Duration: 11min 48sec | Type: SD | Size: 171mb

Model(s): Susanna, Oscar | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: none

Model(s): Susanna, Roger | Duration: 12min 49sec | Type: SD | Size: 186mb

Model(s): Susanna, Roger | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: none

Model(s): Susanna, Adam | Duration: 12min 3sec | Type: SD | Size: 175mb

Model(s): Susanna, Adam | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos


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