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Description: A magical afternoon has these filthy dyke whores Natali and Irene getting down to some raunchy woman to woman pantyhose pussy fucking that takes the wrinkles out of that green couch cover. After shedding their clothing to get at their good stuff like their hot moist pussies that are going to get busy big time. As they dive into some drooling pussy eating they get those boiling cunt sauces all frothed up like cream and then these lesbian fuck sluts just can't stop.

Model(s): Natali, Irene | Duration: 19min 7sec | Type: HD | Size: 453mb

Model(s): Natali, Irene | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Videos

Description: Naughty chicks Natalie and Mercy start peeling their clothes off in order to start slurping that poontang and the heat is on. Soon they've got their hot pussy juices oozing with their lightning tongue licking and they wriggle and writhe in ecstasy. They love the taste of their steaming tight twats especially when more juices come from their cumming in waves.

Model(s): Katharine B, Mercy | Duration: 13min 32sec | Type: HD | Size: 319mb

Model(s): Katharine B, Mercy | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Videos

Description: Their whip-like female tongues gets these two blondes Natal and Irene's boiling cunt sauces cooking up like hot tea. The raunchy woman to woman pantyhose pussy fucking they get into doesn't need big fat dildos because they've got all they need. These nasty fucking lesbians know how to get their steaming tight twats to climaxing like crazy and badda bing it's a blast.

Model(s): Natali, Irene | Duration: 14min 25sec | Type: HD | Size: 341mb

Model(s): Natali, Irene | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Videos

Description: It's strapon time for the steaming tight twats of Natali and Irene and these filthy dyke whores are lapping up snatch like crazy. They get into some hot lesbian pantyhose sex. That can send these nasty fucking lesbians into a frenzy including their whip-like female tongues that they love so much. Just don't slip in their boiling cunt sauces that squirt as they're climaxing like crazy.

Model(s): Natali, Irene | Number of pics: 49 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Natali, Irene | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Pictures


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