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Description: Fine ass Gertie in her satin lavender dress is just what her boss Bobbie wanted to see as he had always fantasized about banging her tight juicy pantyhose vagina. They both loved the feel of nylon and soon as he got his clothes off he stuffed that fat cock of his deep inside her and started slamming that younger lady pussy like it was going out of style. He knew soon he would bust a fat juicy load and her plundered office chick vagina would gobble all of it up.

Model(s): Gertie A, Bobbie B | Duration: 14min 17sec | Type: SD | Size: 208mb

Model(s): Gertie A, Bobbie B | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: From the stairs to the couch comes Muriel after boss Bobbie's employer juicy dick and the horny pantyhose bitch isn't about to give it up. Her wet pantyhose lady pussy was so desirable by him that all he could think about was that pantyhose lady vagina of hers and soon the secretary was giving him a blowjob and gobbling down the goo. She let him take that boss' thick meaty member and rub it on her pantyhose and then he started pounding her pantyhose cunt until he busted a fat juicy load in that sweet snatch of hers.

Model(s): Muriel, Bobbie | Duration: 14min 48sec | Type: HD | Size: 350mb

Model(s): Muriel, Bobbie | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Bobbie knew his office was full of horny pantyhose bitches and the night janitor kept telling him about the noises they made when they were flowing cum juices and why the office had that smell of steaming pussy aroma and that meant he was going to get him some of that sweet wet office babe pussy and Gertie the office cutie was the target. She didn't hold back as soon as Bobbie got his face mashed into that pantyhose lady vagina and he quickly rocked a hardon and stuffed every inch of his pulsing boss' dick into his employee Gertie's nasty pantyhose lady cunt.

Model(s): Gertie A, Bobbie B | Duration: 12min 58sec | Type: SD | Size: 189mb

Model(s): Gertie A, Bobbie B | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos


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