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Description: Gilbert and Tom is a horny big guy who will do anything that turns him on and in this case he's so got his horny passions up that he's zeroing in on poor dude as his sex victim. He wants that tight hot butt and his and that means he's gonna bang that butt of his whether he wants to or not. They get it on and soon he's all in that raw tight bum of his and he's making good use of that hard sturdy dick like a major leaguer and a bat.

Model(s): Gilbert, Tom A | Duration: 14min 36sec | Type: SD | Size: 213mb

Model(s): Gilbert, Tom A | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: Don't miss out as Gilbert and Morris whip out his own hard sturdy dick and these dudes can't live without a fat juicy dick! Both didn't mind being the other's whiney bitch boy and drive their dicks into each other's tight pantyhose butt. As both began slamming that bunghole of the other's it wasn't long before both ended up with a plundered brown eye.

Model(s): Gilbert, Vincent A | Number of pics: 86 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Gilbert, Vincent A | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Guys & Guys

Description: Gilbert and Elliot is there to do his sexual bidding and this horny big guy is going to make sure he learns his lesson. He is equipped with a big rigid meaty cock and he aims to use it to get horny passions up. Soon he's got dude on all fours like a new puppy and he's targeting his steamy hot butt and soon he's drilling that thick meaty penis into his big pantyhose asshole and he's helpless to complain or escape her sinister doings.

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot C | Duration: 13min 51sec | Type: SD | Size: 202mb

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot C | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: Gilbert and Elliot thought he was going to end up totally ruined and when he saw that tight pantyhose butt on him he knew he wasn't going to disappoint him with what he had ready. Soon he was prying open that tight pantyhose butt of his and he turned on to the max and he obliges him by prodding and poking into his back end until he's ready for that massive hard dick that he uses to bang his nasty hot ass and make him into total bitch boy.

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot C | Number of pics: 53 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot C | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Guys & Guys

Description: Oh no, it's Gilbert and Elliot read to get a rigid meaty cock to do his dripping tight butt but instead he realizes he should be the intended victim with his gripping hot ass just craving for a man to do him like this. He breaks out that massive hard dick and goes after dude in a friendly and sneaky fashion and soon they're involved in some hot pantyhose action that leads to his using that cock in his moist tight ass.

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot A | Number of pics: 47 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot A | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Guys & Guys

Description: Standing in his office the man in the blue shirt is stroking his dick under his pantyhose while he rubs another pair over his face. He is a total slut for nylons and what he doesn’t know is that his coworker is into them as well. The two of them make a perfect pair and they’re just coming to that realization. They have lots of lost time to make up and so there’s going to be plenty of torrid fucking to watch. Assholes must be pounded while those pantyhose are worn.

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot A | Number of pics: 80 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Gilbert, Elliot A | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Guys & Guys


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