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Description: The work day is almost over and the dazzling blonde slut is hungry for cock. She’s been working hard and no it’s time for the kind of release that can only be provided by a hard cock. Her coworker has the cock that she needs and he proves to be very easy to seduce. All she has to do is show him her long and sexy legs and then he can slip that fat dick right up her asshole and pound her hard. Watch the anal banging and revel in its pure beauty.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 16min 11sec | Type: SD | Size: 236mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Drinking and smoking is what this girl likes to do. It always makes her feel kind of naughty and when the alcohol goes to her head and makes her feel like she’s floating she can’t stop thinking about sex. She dreams of having a dick in her mouth and fingers in her pussy and then she starts thinking about the really naughty stuff like having a man fuck her ass. It would feel so good to be treated like a hot anal slut and she needs it badly.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 13min 54sec | Type: SD | Size: 202mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Guy stopped by the art store to find out why they called him about his artwork. He didn't realize he was being set up by the art director who wanted to fuck him. Guy was stunned to find that she was already in a sexy outfit she had on display there. Soon she was all on him and he was getting a hardon. He had no choice but to stuff her pussy and ass with his hard cock. He furiously fucked her tight little asshole and then came deep inside her asshole with a wad of gooey hot cum.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 15min 49sec | Type: SD | Size: 231mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Gorgeous Olivia was on a bend to get a fat juicy nut down her throat or up her holes instead of a coffee break and soon she got lucky office pal Rudolf to show up and give her just what she wanted. This horny lady bitch broke out Rudolf's throbbing older dick and after a good sucking guided it straight to her backdoor. That boy shoved that blood filled cock deep up into her tight young fudge tunnel and churned that chocolate until she was feeling like a milkshake.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 12min 20sec | Type: SD | Size: 179mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Banging and elegant babe in her nasty lady bum like Rudolf is doing to blonde knockout Olivia is what most guys dream of and this dude is living that dream. She takes his pounding her young bum of hers with renewed gusto as she is really an anal whore who craves a good assfucking. Rudolf slams that big boner of his deep into her big meaty lady ass and she in turn lets this lusty older man stuff his thick meaty member so deep inside her tight lady ass that she squeaks with every brutal thrust. Soon her ravaged raw lady rectum becomes the recipient of a hot wad of spuzz that coats her rectum like vanilla icing.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 15min 46sec | Type: SD | Size: 230mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Marion was tired and asked Al to fuck her to sleep and of course he said "yes!" to the foxy secretary. She drank her last cup of coffee and said to him to just fuck her and not to forget her tight bunghole too. Now what guy could resist all that? So soon as she passed out he went to work peeling off her clothes and finally getting between her long stocking legs and stuffed his dick in her pussy first, came and used his own cum and her twat juice as lube to fuck her sleeping shitter.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 11min 40sec | Type: SD | Size: 169mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: This girl is all over her man! She’s obviously a slut and she clearly wants some hot action from him and it looks like he’s more than happy to provide her with a little bit of loving. She’ll pull that dick out of his pants and wrap her lips around it to suck him hard. She’ll then mount him and let his cock slide into her pussy and fill her up just right. It’s anal pleasure that she really craves though; she wants to film him slip his big cock up her butt.

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Duration: 12min 16sec | Type: SD | Size: 178mb

Model(s): Olivia, Rudolf | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos


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