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Description: George was happy to fix his neighbor's electrical system as he was hoping to run into their exhibitionist slut of a daughter who showed off around the house with the windows opened showing off her tight ass. As soon as he got the chance Marie, the exhibitionist slut with the nice ass was all over him and reaching for dude's throbbing boner. He had that big boner of his out and went straight for her cute little bum and pounded it with unbridled fury making her howl with delight that echoed through the house.

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Duration: 14min 55sec | Type: SD | Size: 217mb

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Sandy lost the bet with Sam and she knew that meant she had to submit to his teen sexual desires which of course included plunging his fat cock into her tight hot asshole. She hesitantly gave him a blowjob to get it all lubed up and ready to insert into her tiny fleshy asshole and she knew his strength and rigidity would need power to enter the resistance of her vice clenched sphincter hole. Soon Sam was deep inside Sandy's asshole and he fucked her until he blew a massive wad of cum.

Model(s): Elsie, Patrick | Duration: 6min 53sec | Type: SD | Size: 98mb

Model(s): Elsie, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: The sexy satin clad maid is cleaning the house but she’s making sure to tease her master along the way. He pays her salary and he occasionally gives her a good fucking and today she’s in desperate need of some hard cock. It doesn’t take long for her to drop to her knees and swallow his cock whole; she revels in sucking on his fuck meat and making him want to bang her naughty pussy hard. Today he’s going to take her asshole though; anal sex for the maid slut!

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Duration: 14min 48sec | Type: SD | Size: 216mb

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: His maid has been a very naughty girl and she needs to be punished. The thing is, she’s been behaving badly on purpose because she wants her ass fucked by his hard cock. She’s a super slut and when she’s bent over getting banged from behind she feels like a real woman. Wearing her white stockings she finds her face pressed into the couch cushion with her master’s dick up her butt. This is what a true butt slut does.

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Duration: 12min 4sec | Type: SD | Size: 175mb

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Cherie knew this young dude would work out fine at the office so she had him bring his fat boner into the secretary's lounge. H edidn't have a chance as she dove onto his hard cock and plunged a big dildo up her own ass to get it ready for some sizzling ass fucking. The dude knew what to do and got her pussy juice and spit on his cock so it would be easier for him to shove his pulsing dick deep into shitter and slam that fudge all the way inside until he busted a gooey wad of cum.

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Duration: 15min 9sec | Type: SD | Size: 221mb

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Every boy wants to bang a foxy chick's tight asshole and Joey is no exception. He came over to help his teacher with extra grades when suddenly she asked him if she could grade his hard dick. Joey said she could suck his cock only if she would let him fuck her bunghole. Next these two were going at each other in some hot anal sex drama. Joey played with her tiny pooper until she was opened up enough for him to plunge his throbbing boner into her. His wad of cum was so huge it spilled out of butt back all over his spewing boner.

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Duration: 16min 59sec | Type: SD | Size: 248mb

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Her body is tingling with desire when she looks over and sees her master sleeping. The naughty maid knows that it’s her chance to play with her hot body and she’s been dreaming all day about getting off so she can’t wait. She tends to try and masturbate several times a day because she’s always so aroused. Her pussy is dripping constantly and her asshole is winking at her and demanding a cock. She needs a man to take her hard and her master does it today.

Model(s): Elsie, Patrick | Duration: 15min 43sec | Type: SD | Size: 229mb

Model(s): Elsie, Patrick | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos


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