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Description: The hot chick is a little intimidated by this guy. She can tell that he has a powerful cock in his pants and despite her desires to the contrary she canít resist it. She finds her mind creating a powerful desire for his big cock and when he offers it up she canít help but open her mouth and practically beg to be fed his dong. No man would resist the chance to face fuck a cute chick and heís not going to. The ultimate prize is getting to bang her shit hole with his dong and he takes it.

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Number of pics: 108 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: The fiery brunette babe spends her days craving cock and this young man has a thick dong between his legs that she canít resist. She wants to suck and lick and stroke the fat cock until itís so hard that it has to enter her asshole for relief. She wants to feel him invading her from behind. She wants to be full of cock because thatís what makes her feel like a woman. Heís going to make the stocking clad slut take every inch of his turgid rod and sheís going to love it.

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Duration: 16min 15sec | Type: SD | Size: 237mb

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: The two of them look good in their satin tops and the chick in particular is irresistibly delicious in her slip. The guy is understandably aroused when he sees her in it and gets to rub his hands all over her luscious nylons. His dick gets even harder when she practically begs him to fuck her ripe asshole. Itís been far too long since sheís had a cock up there and she wants to experience it firsthand. He takes her rough and hard and makes her feel like a real slut.

Model(s): Elsie, Patrick | Number of pics: 66 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Elsie, Patrick | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: He sees his sexy slut and he attacks her with a passion. He raises her skirt and fondles her ass and those soft black stockings turn him on more than anything. His dick is pushing against the restrictive material of his jeans and he desperately wants her to set it free and trap it once again but this time in her mouth. The pretty slut sucks on his rigid pole and she makes him so hot that he has to bury his bone in her asshole. He has to fuck her hard in that tight anal hole.

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Duration: 15min 14sec | Type: SD | Size: 222mb

Model(s): Bridget, Patrick | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: Elegant is the first word anyone thinks of when they see this gorgeous chick in her sexy green top and her luscious green skirt. Slutty is the second word, especially when she bends over and makes her hot asshole available for this young man. She wants to feel his turgid rod inside her and after a little bit of licking and fingering heís ready to nail her. Itís incredibly hot to see the hot and lusty fucking these two are indulging in.

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Number of pics: 83 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Barbara C, Patrick | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures


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