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Description: Kitty the wanton secretary slut is on the prowl for cock and her boss has the fuck meat she needs. That’s why you’ll see her on her knees in front of him. She’s pawing at his cock like a lusty slut and when he unzips his pants and pulls it out she attacks it like a viper. She sucks hungrily and when his meat is stiff she throws her body on the desk and practically begs him to fuck her asshole. She’s a wicked cock whore and he makes her happy with his dong.

Model(s): Kitty B, Vitas | Duration: 12min 3sec | Type: SD | Size: 175mb

Model(s): Kitty B, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: Dorothy is your usual horny housewife always ready to get laid and Vitas is an errand-boy who is eager to help her out. Hell, those bright pink G-string panties look really inviting, so the guy makes it straight for the babe’s luring butt. Watch her getting nailed in every which way on the kitchen table on the secret gaping ass mission!

Model(s): Dorothy, Vitas | Number of pics: 56 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Dorothy, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Vitas caught his neighbor Nolly stealing and got horny for that plump juicy butt of hers and the lusty studly man wanted revenge. In stocking mask she she got captured and Vitas' cock stuffed deep into her ass}right up her bunghole soon the guy's thick meaty member was churning up the sauce in her tight lady ass and his youthful sexual energy began to own that plundered girl pooper exploding a fat juicy nut deep into her.

Model(s): Nolly, Vitas | Duration: 12min 5sec | Type: SD | Size: 175mb

Model(s): Nolly, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: When Vitas saw Nolly on the couch in her cream colored skirt he had to buttfuck her hard of hers and she was ready for it. The cutie started sucking his cock so he would be lubed up enough to pierce her sweet young ass and pound it good and hard. Soon the hard stud's cock of his was doing it's job wearing out her asshole like a jackhammer. Then he began to buck and heave and then he busted a hot wad of spuzz deep inside her.

Model(s): Nolly, Vitas | Duration: 12min 29sec | Type: SD | Size: 181mb

Model(s): Nolly, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: Bad blonde Emilia is a real horny girl bitch who just has to have a hard stud's cock in up her nasty butt. She had stud Vitas on the couch and got his cock good and hard by giving him a blowjob and getting him wet and stiff. Next he stuffed his meat deep into her moist tight shitter and the poor girl had to take every inch of that thick meaty member. He pounded her delicious juicy young butt and she finished him off with some filthy ass to mouth.

Model(s): Emilia C, Vitas | Duration: 13min 8sec | Type: SD | Size: 191mb

Model(s): Emilia C, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mia is a very sexy babe and when her husband and kids gone for the day she let Vitas take a shot at her cute lady butt. Vitas was so turned on he immediately popped a boner and the sight of it made Cora jump on his fat juicy dick. Vitas got his cock slippery from her saliva and then rammed his cock into Cora's tight young fudge tunnel. He banged that asshole of Cora's until his balls blew their wad.

Model(s): Mima, Vitas | Duration: 10min 40sec | Type: SD | Size: 154mb

Model(s): Mima, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mia is a cute nasty young slut who is craving a hard stud's cock and lucky Vitas sure fits the bill. Without much ado Mia bends over and has that cock crammed up her butt. With his cock good and hard Vitas pounds that browneye and Mia takes turns giving him a blowjob even after it's been entombed inside her steamy hot asshole. she takes every centimeter of Vitas' fat juicy dick in her mouth and up her big lady ass and then releases a torrent of semen deep inside her.

Model(s): Mima, Vitas | Duration: 12min 19sec | Type: SD | Size: 179mb

Model(s): Mima, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: His luscious coworker has a beautiful body and he has always dreamed about fucking her. She seems like she would be a terrific lay and before she leaves on a business trip he decides to make a move. If he’s ever going to slip his bone into that tight asshole of hers he has to do it now. She’s receptive to his moves and soon enough we can see the sexy tops of her stockings as he rolls her skirt up her legs and slides his cock into that tight anus. It’s a torrid fuck that finds her in several positions getting ass humped.

Model(s): Benett, Vitas | Number of pics: 58 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Benett, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: The lovely Mima looks gorgeous in her purple top and it’s no wonder her boyfriend wants her so badly. He sees how shapely and sexy her body is and his dick gets hard in his pants. He knows that she’s a slut for hard cock up her ass and he wants to be the one that delivers the pleasure punch to her rectal hole. All it takes is a little kissing and nibbling on her nipples and the slut is ready to be taken by his thick cock. He gets to be her rectal rooter and bang her warm brown fuck hole.

Model(s): Mima, Vitas | Number of pics: 67 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Mima, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: This super sexy brunette babe didn’t wear that dress by accident. She had it in her mind to seduce this young man and her sexy outfit is having the desired effect. He can barely concentrate on the paper in front of him because she looks so damn good wearing her long black stockings and her tight dress. When she offers him her asshole his jaw practically hits the floor and his boner instantly springs to life. He loosens up her bunghole with a dildo and then lets her suck on it while fuck stick invades.

Model(s): Kitty B, Vitas | Duration: 11min 20sec | Type: SD | Size: 164mb

Model(s): Kitty B, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: The young man has an intention to fuck this lovely girl’s asshole and he figures he’ll have to get her a little bit drunk to make it happen. If he gets her lubed up with booze he can easily slip his cock into her rectum and bone her until he shoots a hot wad of creamy jizz. His plan works perfectly and once his tongue is done slathering spit all over her butthole he crams his cock up there and slams it home. The hot cunt loves it!

Model(s): Kitty B, Vitas | Number of pics: 67 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Kitty B, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: If you don’t know how to get a girl to agree to anal sex you can always resort to drugging her drink like this young fellow did. He made his gal a Jack and Coke and dropped a little bit of powder in there that would guarantee unconsciousness. He’s been craving her asshole for months and he knows she’s a good girl and won’t give it up if he asks politely. He licks her sweet asshole to loosen things up a little and then guides his cock down the anal passageway until he’s balls deep inside.

Model(s): Carol, Vitas | Number of pics: 61 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Carol, Vitas | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures


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