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Model(s): Emilia, Adam | Duration: 12min 21sec | Type: SD | Size: 179mb

Model(s): Emilia, Adam | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: Shes too hot for words. She looks so good in the black and red French maids outfit that youre going to whip out your dick meat and start stroking it before you even see the second picture. Shes a nasty gal too, rubbing her tits and playing with her pussy and feeling all kinds of worked up. It must have been a good day at work because she wants to get busy! When her employer comes home he finds her behaving badly and hes convinced that he has to fuck her to keep her calm. Its a service hes providing for the mature slut.

Model(s): Emilia, Gilbert C | Duration: 12min 56sec | Type: SD | Size: 188mb

Model(s): Emilia, Gilbert C | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: Sniffing women's pantyhose gets Rolf's hard young cock pulsing and that's when mature babe Emilia catches him and gives up that hot mature pussy of hers. The old girl needs a hot wad of spuzz all night and day and he can't resist that dripping tight pussy of hers. The horny old mature sees he's popped a boner and she takes in that hard young cock deep into her tight milf booty.

Model(s): Emilia B, Rolf | Duration: 23min 36sec | Type: HD | Size: 560mb

Model(s): Emilia B, Rolf | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: Emilia is plump juicy ass mature who is about to fulfill young Govard's fantasies of bagging some hot mature pussy. She shows that fat juicy ass of hers off and he wants every bite to count so he whips out his rock hard boner and plows right into that tight soft pussy and delicious meaty ass of hers until he can't hold his cum in any longer. He goes a few more thrusts and kapow! He busts a hot wad of spuzz deep inside her tight pussy and butt.

Model(s): Emilia B, Govard | Duration: 14min 4sec | Type: HD | Size: 334mb

Model(s): Emilia B, Govard | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: Brunette hottie Emilia gave some liquor to young neighbor Charles and immediately started wondering if she'd get some of his throbbing boy dick. She waited outside the shower fingering her dripping wet cunt and dreaming of his young, pulsing fat dick and when he came out of the shower she wasted no time throwing that nasty mature cunt all up in his face. Soon she got her wish and Nicholas delivered her his rock hard boner and as a special treat gave her a hot wad of spuzz that made the old girl happy.

Model(s): Emilia B, Charles | Duration: 16min 24sec | Type: HD | Size: 388mb

Model(s): Emilia B, Charles | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: It's Lillian the brunette horny mature bitch who loves nothing better than a hard young cock stuffed into all her mature holes. That nasty mature cunt of hers has her throwing that booty all up in young Adam's face and the dude got a hardon and let her know he was ready. Soon the licking and dicking began and Lillian does everything she can to milk a fat juicy nut out of the lad.

Model(s): Emilia, Govard | Duration: 13min 24sec | Type: HD | Size: 290mb

Model(s): Emilia, Govard | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: Lucky John saw his opportunity to bust open the nasty mature cunt of gorgeous plumper milf Emilia and soon the old girl was living her dream of having a hard young cock stuffed into all her hot holes. She was in ectasy as his pulsing fat dick pounded her relentlessly making her big juicy tits shake like jelly. The old girl was devouring his rock hard boner like it was free candy. Soon her young horny stud was letting his balls bust loose and deliver a fat juicy nut into her.

Model(s): Emilia, Malcolm A | Duration: 10min 45sec | Type: HD | Size: 232mb

Model(s): Emilia, Malcolm A | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos

Description: Office boy Benjamin was ready to get him some tight mature box from his boss Emilia and the plumper milf was happy to finally get herself some throbbing boy dick. When the gorgeous bbw moved in on him the lad got a hardon and she immediately sucked his young cock to get it hard enough to penetrate her hot mature pussy. The nasty mature slut let the lad stuff his throbbing boy dick in all of her holes and fuck her silly.

Model(s): Emilia, Benjamin C | Duration: 13min 11sec | Type: HD | Size: 286mb

Model(s): Emilia, Benjamin C | Site: GuysForMatures.com | Category: Videos


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