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Description: At the office, secretary Rosa the nasty bitch slut meets up with Jack and he was after some dripping tight lady pussy instead he was going to end up the target as Jaclyn was after only one thing and that was his tight hot butt. Soon this gorgeous babe is breaking out the fat juicy strap on dildo and poor dude is doomed! She takes that plastic boner and begins pounding that butthole of his like there was no tomorrow.

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Duration: 19min 50sec | Type: HD | Size: 470mb

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Videos

Description: There's no escape for this gullible dumb sucker Connor who didn't know while naughty hot smooching Jaclyn that she had a thick scary strap-on. She goes for his tight little ass with that fearsome looking strapon and the nasty bad twosome become sexually aroused right there in the hallway. Next the horny young slut plows his snug nasty butt with some unmercifully harsh screwing that almost takes the finish off the wood. She gives that fearsome looking strapon a real workout and the foolish horny sap loves it.

Model(s): Jaclyn A, Connor A | Duration: 14min 15sec | Type: HD | Size: 337mb

Model(s): Jaclyn A, Connor A | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Videos

Description: Studying her real estate manual is dominatrix Jaclyn who wants to test out her new thick scary strap-on on the nearest victim. As luck would have it, gullible dumb sucker Ernest comes along and soon will see the power of her humongous terrifying strap-on the hard way. The cowering girlie man just can't believe how ferocious this nasty milf whore can be with that humongous terrifying strap-on as she slams his snug nasty butt with some crazy unmercifully harsh screwing.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Ernest | Duration: 16min 45sec | Type: SD | Size: 243mb

Model(s): Jaclyn, Ernest | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Videos

Description: Ernest gets upset when this nasty milf whore Jacklyn finds his secret thick scary strap-on. The nasty bad twosome fight and argue but the only remedy is for the horny young slut to use that humongous terrifying strap-on on this foolish horny sap Ernest. They start making up with some sensual soft kissing and he gives that thick scary strap-on a messy good blowjob to get it wet and slimey enough to slip into his tight little ass. She takes it and gives him an snug nasty butt hardcore brutal fucking that brings them both to achieve sexual climax.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Ernest | Duration: 12min 13sec | Type: SD | Size: 177mb

Model(s): Jaclyn, Ernest | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Videos

Description: The young man asks to see the surprise shes been talking about so she unzips her purse and pulls a pink plastic cock out. It catches him off guard but hes turned on right away because he knows what she plans on doing with it. That plastic cock wont be sliding into her. Instead it will be put into her strapon device and pumped up his asshole. Hes going to become her strapon bitch and hes going to love it because hes been trained for it.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Allan B | Number of pics: 50 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Jaclyn, Allan B | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Pictures

Description: When he sees the lovely girl wearing a strapon cock he knows how he can service her. He knows that she's a dominant female with a taste for fucking ass hard and that hes going to let her take him roughly from behind just the way he likes. After making him lick her pussy and suck on her plastic shaft she tells him to get on his hands and knees and then the plastic shaft slides up inside his butt. It fucks him deep and every thrust makes him moan like a little bitch.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Harry F | Duration: 12min 15sec | Type: SD | Size: 178mb

Model(s): Jaclyn, Harry F | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Videos

Description: Under her short skirt she has a toy that was once thrusting into her pussy but the young man gets a little too grabby with her and this wanton, dominant chick is going to teach him a lesson. If he wants to have sex with her then hell have to be on the receiving end. Hes willing to take it any way he can get it and that means being fucked by her purple strapon cock. She makes him sit on the dick and just about all of it slides into his tight asshole.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Harry F | Number of pics: 60 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Jaclyn, Harry F | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Pictures

Description: The business boy reaches into her drawer and finds a dildo there. He pulls it out and starts taking off his pants while sucking on the shaft. It gets him so hot thinking about having it up his butt and when the chick comes in and finds him sucking on her toy hes actually secretly happy. He wants her to get mad and fuck him with it to punish him. She plays right into his hand and before you know it theres a big plastic dick pushing into his asshole and stretching him.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Harry F | Number of pics: 77 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Jaclyn, Harry F | Site: LadiesFuckGents.com | Category: Pictures


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