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Description: After a round of billiards, Rosa and Susanna working that red sofat during this session of sloppy pussy eating as their hot pussy juices are squirting all over the place. They start off with that fondling their tits to get themselves cumming in waves and that action is soon followed by their sensual tender mouths that sends these two nylon dyke whores into a frenzy. Their steamy tender pussies are speaking their own language as that nasty lady kissing just crescendos.

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Duration: 18min 7sec | Type: HD | Size: 428mb

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rosa got really bored at work, but everything changed, when her female friend popped in. Madeleine put on new dark gartered stockings and black high heels ready to go lesbo with her, so Rosa undid Madeleineís dress and started kissing her pussy passionately. Madeleine was very pleased and wanted to make Rosa fully satisfied too, thatís why she asked her to strip off and began touching and licking her wet pussy in return.

Model(s): Rosa, Madeleine B | Duration: 26min | Type: HD | Size: 617mb

Model(s): Rosa, Madeleine B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: When the hot lesbian sex gets going you can bet it is due to these two filthy dyke whores Blanch and Rosa. They love that sloppy hot cunnilingus on the bed after feeling each other up and that raises the room temperature up big time. You can hear them eating each other out as these two nasty fucking lesbians get it on like they're going for a trophy.

Model(s): Blanch, Rosa | Number of pics: 63 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Blanch, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Both Matty and Rosa were clad in cute polka-dot dresses with vintage sheer panties and classy gartered stockings for their lesbian retro party. After a few drinks they began making out with each other and slowly peeling off their clothes until they had nothing on but their gartered stockings and heels. Finally, they went down to probe and lick wet slits and even played tit-to-clit savoring the smoothness of their nylons all the way.

Model(s): Matty, Rosa | Number of pics: 98 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Matty, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Rosa seemed to be out of sorts, so her dressy friend Matty was eager to raise her spirits. Rosa suspected that her sapphic girlfriend betrayed her, so Matty had to do her best to prove she was faithful. She spread Rosaís legs in soft grayish nylons with her gloved hands and went down to lap at her juicy pussy. Then Matty took off her retro style gown, and the nyloned lezzies took turns at eating their slits.

Model(s): Matty, Rosa | Duration: 24min 57sec | Type: HD | Size: 591mb

Model(s): Matty, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Bored black-stockinged housewives Matty and Rosa decided to have some strapon fun while their hubbies were away. Rosa was already equipped with a sizable rubber cock, and she was eager to lick and stretch her lesbian friendís juicy pussy. Matty had to strip down to her sexy suspender nylons to take that fake dick from behind, in missionary and even ride it cowgirl style enjoying the smoothness of nylons all the way.

Model(s): Matty, Rosa | Number of pics: 64 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Matty, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Two beautiful long-haired chicks decided to play billiards, but wearing such provocative attires the two lesbians ended up kissing on the sofa. They stripped to their sexy gartered stockings and Rosa decided to please her friend licking Barbaraís wet striving for sex muff. Then Barbara also got her taste of Rosaís moist snatch and the two heated sapphos kept making passionate love till morning.

Model(s): Barbara, Rosa | Duration: 26min 40sec | Type: HD | Size: 633mb

Model(s): Barbara, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: While Sandy was taking a shower, her dark-haired lez friend Rosa pleasured herself with sexy black nylons that belonged to another babe. When the blonde came out looking so clean and sexy, the other girl was ready to go down on her to get the desirable satisfaction. Finally Sandy put on her nylons with a blue suspender belt to drive her friend crazy, and the girls launched into their favorite muff pie eating game.

Model(s): Sandy, Rosa | Duration: 15min 44sec | Type: HD | Size: 373mb

Model(s): Sandy, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rosa moved closer to Madeleine and whispered how truly she loved her friend; the girls were overwhelmed by emotions and started passionately making out. Rosa was crazy about Madeleineís bright panties and lace top nylons, and the girls went really mad when they began licking each otherís hips wrapped in fine lacy stockings. Finally these lesbians got heated enough to have a tasty pink lunch.

Model(s): Rosa, Madeleine B | Number of pics: 78 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Rosa, Madeleine B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: These two blondes, Blanch and Rosa are some real filthy nylon lesbian sluts and you can bet that when these filthy dyke whores jump on that bed they just don't hold back any. They start peeling their clothes off and fingers and tongues dive into their steaming tight twats like they're digging for gold. You've never seen such raunchy lesbian pantyhose licking as these babes start eating each other out and then bust out a fierce strap-on cock.

Model(s): Blanch, Rosa | Number of pics: 99 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Blanch, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: In the billiard room, Mireille and Rosa get into some nylon lesbian sex that starts off with these two nylon lesbian babes caressing each other before diving into that dripping hot cunnilingus they're famous for. They use their sensual tender mouths like magic wands and lips and licks will soon bring them to a rousing climax. They command their lovely caressing lips to accompany their caressing their breasts and soon climax.

Model(s): Mireille, Rosa | Number of pics: 77 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Mireille, Rosa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Check out Rosa and Susanna as they break out their steamy tender pussies on that red sofa and the room is filled with their the fragrant pussy scent. They normally only enjoy dripping hot cunnilingus but this time to get their hot pussy juices oozing they heighten their nylon lesbian sex by busting out that strap on and wetting it with their tongues and lips. Then these two women2women nylon whores deliver the finishing touches to their steamy tender pussies.

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Duration: 14min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 343mb

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos


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