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Description: Tempted by the steaming pussy fragrance, Nora and Susanna crave some women to women caressing and that's just fine for these two nylon licking girls. They get to peeling their clothes off in order to get their hot moist pussies all worked up. They dive in for somedrooling pussy eating that has those boiling cunt sauces oozing on the staircase here. These lesbian nylon sluts just love those nylon covered crotches!

Model(s): Nora, Susanna | Number of pics: 71 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Nora, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: After a wonderful night at the theater the young girls are back at their house and ready to embark on an evening of sexual pleasure. Their dresses are gorgeous, soft and shapely and they make their bodies look exceptionally hot. Under the gowns the girls are wearing elegant and sexy lingerie and they show it off for us as they strip each other naked. They need access to their naughty places so the orgasms that are resting in side them can be released. Pleasure is all they care about.

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Number of pics: 110 | Resolution: 1494x1000

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Fine ass Susanna and Veronica get their tight moist vaginas fired up when they use their lips and licks to get themselves gushing cum juices on the zebra print sofa. Their naughty girl tonguing is just outstanding as they do the hardcore, dripping hot cunnilingus that has these twonylon dyke whores writhing around in their own boiling cunt sauces like kittens in catnip. Never underestimate what their sensual tender mouths can do!

Model(s): Susanna, Veronica C | Duration: 9min 38sec | Type: HD | Size: 226mb

Model(s): Susanna, Veronica C | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: After a round of billiards, Rosa and Susanna working that red sofat during this session of sloppy pussy eating as their hot pussy juices are squirting all over the place. They start off with that fondling their tits to get themselves cumming in waves and that action is soon followed by their sensual tender mouths that sends these two nylon dyke whores into a frenzy. Their steamy tender pussies are speaking their own language as that nasty lady kissing just crescendos.

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Duration: 18min 7sec | Type: HD | Size: 428mb

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: April B is holding a bunch of colored nylons unsure which pair to put on today, so her fair-haired lesbian lover Susanna decides to give her a hand. She helps the brunette into a pair of dark lacy nylons and then wears a pair of nude nylons herself for some kinky stockings worshipping action. After the rousing nylon foreplay, they eventually put into action a huge rubber dong to make their pussy sauces ooze out.

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Number of pics: 77 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: This beautiful lesbian couple was just out to dinner and as soon as the door opens they’re all over each other. One is wearing a colorful outfit with white nylons while the other is dressed in black, including her own sexy nylons. They fall onto the couch and their hands begin caressing each other’s soft legs as their tongues explore each other’s mouths. The sensual lesbian sex is soon underway, including a hot 69.

Model(s): Susanna, Gloria F | Number of pics: 51 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, Gloria F | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Sometimes work can be exhausting and it’s nice to have someone to relax with. These girls share an office and they like to unwind by hooking up as lesbians do. They look hot in their business outfits especially with the sexy nylons hugging their long and luscious legs. They’re horny sluts and they want to pleasure each other like you can’t imagine. They want to make each other cum hard and the pictures are going to show them doing that very thing.

Model(s): Susanna, Gloria F | Number of pics: 68 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, Gloria F | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Susanna still wasn�t fully dressed wearing just her pink silky robe and suntan thigh highs, so April B decided to take her chance and lick her nylons and fully exposed pussy. The blonde was all for it, letting her pussy-licking brunette undo her robe and work her supple tits first. The sapphic raven-head tongued her neck and booty too until it was time to slide off those leggings and return the favor.

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Number of pics: 53 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: This sultry brunette in a red dress flashes her sexy undies and the tops of her nylons while making passes at a tempting fair-haired chick who is clad in a showy dress and silky nylons too. The blonde seems too shy at first, but then both Susanna and April B launch into rousing nylon licking and rug munching play. The dolled-up lezzies share a kiss and bare their tits too before working each other to orgasm.

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Number of pics: 61 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: The blonde babe is the one feeling the desire at first. Her pussy is damp at the thought of kissing this gorgeous girl and she wants more than that. She wants to exchange fluids in a filthy, naughty girl kind of way and if she has her way that’s exactly what the two of them are going to do. It begins with a sensual peck on the cheek and continues with their tongues swapping spit. Their hands caress each other’s gorgeous nylons and of course tongues are lapping at pussies too.

Model(s): Susanna, Gloria F | Duration: 12min 33sec | Type: SD | Size: 182mb

Model(s): Susanna, Gloria F | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: There’s no sight more wonderful than that of a sexy sleeping slut. This gorgeous redhead comes upon a beautiful sleeping girl and she feels the need to take advantage because her pussy is bubbling with heat and the need to feel an orgasm rip through her. She’s overwhelmed with desire and even though she shouldn’t take advantage of a napping slut she doesn’t care. Her tongue must lick hot pussy and her hands must caress soft stockings. When she wakes up the real fun begins.

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Number of pics: 77 | Resolution: 1494x1000

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Everything started with tender tongue kissing and licking, but then Susanna and April B were ready to get it on. The girls were clad in animal print attires completed with silky nylons and pumps, thus simply exuding passion pheromones, so soon the fair-haired chick led the dance kissing and licking the lovely lesbian brunette. She licked her barely visible stockings too before making her cum with her fingers and tongue.

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Number of pics: 59 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Susanna and April B have a thing for lacy stockings and each other, so once they put on those gorgeous colored nylons, the things get really hot. They start it off with sensual nylon licking while helping each other with their sexy nylons and suspenders, and then they kiss on the mouth and make their way to waiting moist crotches. Their lesbian nylon love-making can make the ice melt!

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Duration: 18min 50sec | Type: HD | Size: 445mb

Model(s): Susanna, April B | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Dressy Aubrey and Susanna rode up black frocks to admire the look and feel of their lace top and classy full-fashioned stockings. These nylon-crazy lesbians kept stroking and licking their soft to the touch stockings until sauces began oozing out of their wetting pussies. Then they produced a big red dildo, and after licking it together, the fair-haired sappho pushed it into the redhead’s soaking wet beaver.

Model(s): Aubrey, Susanna | Duration: 15min 3sec | Type: HD | Size: 355mb

Model(s): Aubrey, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: A luscious blonde lesbo was spread on the sofa in her corseted undies and black nylons while her funky girlfriend was finishing her make-up. When she finally showed up wearing that rather too short skirt revealing the tops of her sexy gartered stockings, the things were about to get really hot. Susanna and Mireille then launched into nylon strapon sex, with the funky booted brunette doing all the work.

Model(s): Susanna, Mireille | Duration: 24min 19sec | Type: HD | Size: 575mb

Model(s): Susanna, Mireille | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Not satisfied with just some drooling pussy eating, Susanna and Inessa break out a dildo to go to work on those hot pussy juices of theirs. On that small bench the blonde and brunette nasty sex lesbians start slurping that poontang and stuffing that fat juicy dildo into their hot moist pussies like they're churning butter. Soon their lightning tongue licking lick up the pussy juices off that dildo as only these nasty sex lesbians can do.

Model(s): Susanna, Inessa | Number of pics: 61 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Susanna, Inessa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Check out Rosa and Susanna as they break out their steamy tender pussies on that red sofa and the room is filled with their the fragrant pussy scent. They normally only enjoy dripping hot cunnilingus but this time to get their hot pussy juices oozing they heighten their nylon lesbian sex by busting out that strap on and wetting it with their tongues and lips. Then these two women2women nylon whores deliver the finishing touches to their steamy tender pussies.

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Duration: 14min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 343mb

Model(s): Rosa, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Sensual lesbian play is powerfully erotic and hard to resist. Seeing these two girls hook up should provide you with an impressive boner in your shorts so get ready for some fun. The ladies are both wearing sexy dresses but more importantly they’re bedecked in gorgeous stockings. The pink nylons are the finest of the bunch and they start right below the beautiful pink pussy of the blonde slut. She wants a toy in that pussy and her wish is going to be granted.

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Duration: 17min 6sec | Type: SD | Size: 250mb

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Which of these two luscious lesbian babes do you think is hottest? They’re both gorgeous and watching them fool around is a fantastic pleasure that should ensure all of us get hard. The redhead with curly hair is a phenomenal beauty and her passion for pussy and for pleasure is unstoppable. She’s dripping wet and she desperately wants to feel a hot tongue licking her puffy lips and pleasuring her hole. She wants to feel fingers inside her and the sensual love of a good woman.

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Number of pics: 85 | Resolution: 1494x1000

Model(s): Marion, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: The blonde wants to see what her sexy brunette lover would look like if she put on a sexy lingerie set designed to make her look like a French maid. She wants to see the lace caressing her soft body and she wants to make her clean something warm and wet with her tongue. The lovely blonde is wearing a lingerie set of her own and of course she looks delectable. Both girls are sensual and sexy and eager to enjoy the pleasures of lesbian love.

Model(s): Jaclyn, Susanna | Duration: 15min 32sec | Type: SD | Size: 227mb

Model(s): Jaclyn, Susanna | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

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