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Description: Veronica and Tess are proving that they're real horny kissing lesbians right there on the coffee table doing some hardcore dripping hot cunnilingus like they were tasting the strawberries in a tart. Their tongues and lips are what they use to stir up their sauces and then use their fingers and tongues to bring themselves to a rousing climax not caring who might walk in. Their soft velvet tongues accompany them as they're caressing their breasts and lapping up their boiling cunt sauces with big slurping sounds.

Model(s): Veronica, Tessa | Duration: 11min 1sec | Type: HD | Size: 260mb

Model(s): Veronica, Tessa | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Madeline and Veronica break out a major large strapon and the aroma of their musky pussy scent is a sign of the adventure to come. They warm up with some sloppy hot cunnilingus that gets their hot pussy juices stirring and that in association with squeezing their tits. They'll be gushing cum juices which is what these lesbian fuck sluts can't wait to do.

Model(s): Madeleine, Veronica | Number of pics: 86 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Madeleine, Veronica | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Two young lesbians Emm and Veronica wanted to refresh their relations for a long time, thatís why they decided to use a black dildo in their sex games. Equipped with a strapon chick made the girl in raunchy red stockings worship her black nylons and blow the big fake cock. Then Emm licked her friendís moist slit and fucked her hard on the chair.

Model(s): Emm, Veronica | Duration: 15min 10sec | Type: HD | Size: 359mb

Model(s): Emm, Veronica | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: Fine ass Susanna and Veronica get their tight moist vaginas fired up when they use their lips and licks to get themselves gushing cum juices on the zebra print sofa. Their naughty girl tonguing is just outstanding as they do the hardcore, dripping hot cunnilingus that has these twonylon dyke whores writhing around in their own boiling cunt sauces like kittens in catnip. Never underestimate what their sensual tender mouths can do!

Model(s): Susanna, Veronica C | Duration: 9min 38sec | Type: HD | Size: 226mb

Model(s): Susanna, Veronica C | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos

Description: An afternoon of hot lesbian sex is what these filthy dyke whores Inessa and Veronica have in store for them as they start shedding their clothing for the fun to begin. Their hot moist pussies give in to some of the wildest sloppy hot cunnilingus you've ever seen and on top of that their hot pussy juices are making their mouths water. These nasty fucking lesbians start slurping that poontang and the action just ramps up from there.

Model(s): Inessa, Veronica | Number of pics: 88 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Inessa, Veronica | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Pictures

Description: You'll see Sibylla and Veronica start a rousing climax here in this luxurious bedroom as their soft velvet tongues get these two nylon lesbians all worked up. They're caressing their breasts surrounded by pink and plants and using a big black strapon to assist their tongues and lips to get their boiling cunt sauces popping and snapping. Their nylon lez licking sex is what is what you're here for so enjoy these lesbian sex sluts as they know you're watching.

Model(s): Sibylla, Veronica | Duration: 14min 56sec | Type: HD | Size: 354mb

Model(s): Sibylla, Veronica | Site: LickNylons.com | Category: Videos


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