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Description: For the elegant couple a shared glass of wine is the thing that sends them off on a journey of sexual exploration. She finds that with a little bit of alcohol running through her blood she feels bold enough to make him rub her legs and kiss her thighs. She knows that turns him on and thatís why his dick is so hard when it emerges from his pants and slides into her mouth. She gives great head and has him hard enough to fuck in no time. Thatís why she takes it from behind.

Model(s): Eve B, Mark | Duration: 15min 1sec | Type: SD | Size: 219mb

Model(s): Eve B, Mark | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: She is keen on having him worship her body. She wants him to kiss her all over and know that she is a goddess and that he is mean to show he all the love in the world. He wants to lick her slick pussy and make her moan in pleasure; to him there would be nothing more beautiful than giving her sexual pleasure. His hard work will eventually be rewarded with her sweet lips wrapped around his cock and her sweet pussy begging to be taken by his dick.

Model(s): Christiana A, Mark | Duration: 14min 27sec | Type: SD | Size: 210mb

Model(s): Christiana A, Mark | Site: NylonScreen.com | Category: Videos


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