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Description: The hot lesbian pantyhose sex brings these two filthy dyke whores Janet and Dolly who hop on the bed for nylon pantyhose sex. With a dildo at hand they start off with some drooling pussy eating that of course leads to them caressing each other and the bed might burst into flames. As they're eating each other out they take on the hardcore lesbian dildo sex that these lesbian fuck sluts specialize in.

Model(s): Janet, Dolly | Duration: 14min 17sec | Type: HD | Size: 337mb

Model(s): Janet, Dolly | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Videos

Description: It's huge sex toy fun for the nasty lesbian babes Vila and Janet as they gear up for some hot lesbian pantyhose sex. Chilling in the den they start feeling each other up and soon they get to peeling their clothes off and stuffing that dildo into their hot moist pussies on the green sofa. They get that musky pussy scent of theirs kicking up as they do that drooling pussy eating hot pussy juices and squeezing their tits until finally climaxing like crazy all over each other.

Model(s): Viola H, Janet | Duration: 8min 15sec | Type: HD | Size: 193mb

Model(s): Viola H, Janet | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Videos

Description: Some playful wrestling has these lesbian fuck sluts Janet and Dolly showing you what real nasty lesbian babes can really do. After shedding their clothing to get at their steaming tight twats they're all over that pink sheet with their dildo and get some hot lesbian pantyhose sex going on like there's no tomorrow.

Model(s): Janet, Dolly | Number of pics: 108 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Janet, Dolly | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Pictures

Description: A strapon is what these lesbian fuck sluts Viola and Janet get into on that pool table and also use their whip-like female tongues gets their steaming tight twats almost billowing like a volcano. They live for climaxing like crazy and that's where this hot lesbian pantyhose sex takes them. You'll see why these filthy dyke whores can't stay away from that drooling pussy eating they so crave.

Model(s): Viola H, Janet | Number of pics: 65 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Viola H, Janet | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Using whip-like female tongues these babes Viola and Janet show what two nasty fucking lesbians can really do and the hot lesbian pantyhose sex is on. On that pool table they get to shedding their clothing and lapping up snatch to get their hot pussy juices steaming. Their lightning tongue licking sounds like lightning crackling as they wear out those hot moist pussies until they're climaxing like crazy.

Model(s): Viola H, Janet | Duration: 12min 47sec | Type: HD | Size: 301mb

Model(s): Viola H, Janet | Site: Pantyhose1.com | Category: Videos


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