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Description: Dolly and Rolf unpack a new pair of shiny sheer tights admiring their silky smooth feel. Now the girl has to peel off her old black hose to changed into a newly bought nylon pair and her boyfriend is more than eager to help her. Finally she’s standing topless by the mirror, wearing nothing but her barely there hosiery what makes for some serious stirring in Rolf’s pants. Watch more of this pantyhose smut!

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Duration: 23min 5sec | Type: HD | Size: 548mb

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Horny Rolf is all for Jen's sweet pantyhose pussy and Jen's on that sofa begging him for that his boner stiff and ready and they both have that passion going. Rolf loves him some tight pantyhose pussy and when he slams that hunk's juicy dick of his deep into Jen's nasty pantyhose lady cunt they both climax like crazy.

Model(s): Jen, Rolf | Duration: 21min 4sec | Type: HD | Size: 499mb

Model(s): Jen, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rolf is on the hunt for that sweet hottie pussy of blonde babe Martha and she's on the hunt for his cock good and hard so the battle is on. Her tight pantyhose pussy is such a turn on to him that his stud's thick meaty member zeros in on that sweet young pantyhose pussy of Martha's and next thing you know he fucked that pussyhole into oblivion and she took his throbbing stud's dick deep into her sweet hottie pussy.

Model(s): Martha A, Rolf | Duration: 21min 27sec | Type: HD | Size: 509mb

Model(s): Martha A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Blonde Irene is a nasty pantyhose slut witha nice ass who goes for her throbbing boss' dick rolf, and gets him to whip it out and pound that snatch of hers in the office waiting room. She's an expert at sucking pussy entombed cock and as soon as she got him comfy they started banging like rabbits and every hole of hers was penetrated by her boss' thick meaty member that continued pounding her pantyhose cunt until he filled it with a mega wad of cum.

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Duration: 18min 26sec | Type: HD | Size: 437mb

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: It seems Dolly and Rolf can’t make it to the bedroom, they start passionately making out and undressing right by the front door. On getting rid of her skirt our hottie sucks off and strokes the guy’s cock with her control top pantyhose. Then he turns her around and goes right for those pantyhosed cheeks before entering his fuckable girlfriend from behind.

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Duration: 16min 57sec | Type: HD | Size: 401mb

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Totally horny Rolf is with Hetty dreaming of pounding her young cunt and the brunette hottie pounces on his boner sucking it wildly to get a hot wad of cum out of him. He then busts open that cute lady vagina of hers and she knew she was good to go as soon as he popped a stiffy. Now she can savor that stud's thick meaty member all to herself and taste that nasty lady vagina sauce of hers.

Model(s): Hetty, Rolf | Duration: 21min 28sec | Type: HD | Size: 508mb

Model(s): Hetty, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Having on her sleek nylon mask, Bertie A was kissing with her boyfriend Rolf and sucking his throbbing dick. Then she stripped off her red dress revealing a pair of control top tights that the guy began eagerly worshipping. Finally, getting naked himself, Rolf penetrated the fiery girl's beaver right through her open crotch tights and later banged that masked chick in various sex positions on the bed.

Model(s): Bertie A, Rolf | Duration: 14min 56sec | Type: HD | Size: 352mb

Model(s): Bertie A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Wearing just her birthday suit, Bertie A was readily treating Rolf to some nylon oral before making a pause to put on her fashion colored hose. As he watched her, his pantyhose clad boner was getting still harder. The guy also took his time worshipping the redhead's pantyhosed legs and licking her pussy. His girl also adored the feel of smooth pantyhose fabric, so she wore a pantyhose mask before dicking.

Model(s): Bertie A, Rolf | Duration: 16min 35sec | Type: HD | Size: 392mb

Model(s): Bertie A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Sometimes both Felicia C and Rolf wear some tights for their kinky pantyhose sex. The guy really loves it when his babe's smooth nyloned legs are rubbing against his body, but he also loves the feel of nylon on his own legs and nether parts. Today the blonde goes right for his hard pantyhosed cock and later they launch into mutual oral. Then she sits on his face in her crotchless pantyhose and teasingly rubs him with her tits.

Model(s): Felicia C, Rolf | Duration: 16min 52sec | Type: HD | Size: 399mb

Model(s): Felicia C, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Watch this foxy coed in a pleated skirt and expensive black tights kissing her boyfriend and blowing his dick before helping him put on a pair of control top tights. Now both Florence A. and Rolf are wearing silky soft hose using some spare tights for kinky nylon play. Later you will see the babe blowing a nyloned dick in sixty-nine and getting screwed by her pervy pantyhosed lover.

Model(s): Florence A, Rolf | Duration: 18min 58sec | Type: HD | Size: 449mb

Model(s): Florence A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: The sweet butt on Madeleine sure calls for a throbbing stud's dick stuffed deep into it and lucky Rolf is wanting some of her wet hot lady pussy as well. After she gets his dick good and hard he dives into that tight pantyhose pussy of hers on that leopard print sofa and his pulsing stud's dick drills real deep. Her hot steamy pussyhole is fucked silly and that totally satisfies this horny pantyhose bitch and Rolf too.

Model(s): Madeleine, Rolf | Duration: 28min 25sec | Type: HD | Size: 674mb

Model(s): Madeleine, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Tall Irene is a horny pantyhose bitch who'll do anything to get ahard hunk's cock stuffed into her. When horny Rolf shows up with his pulsing stud's dick all ready and willing she jumps on him and starts giving him a blowjob that almost drains dude's blood out of his veins. His stud's thick meaty member just plows into her tight juicy poontang and he fucks her outside of her head.

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Duration: 23min 5sec | Type: HD | Size: 548mb

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Blonde MILF Blanch is with Rolf and she's sucking his cock in her nylon bodystocking and soon dude will be slamming that nasty pantyhose lady cunt of hers. She rubs that hard hunk's cock with her pantyhose so that he can give her a hot wad of cum. The horny pantyhose bitch works him up good on the sofa and his throbbing stud's dick finally gives her the reward she's after.

Model(s): Blanch, Rolf | Duration: 24min 10sec | Type: HD | Size: 574mb

Model(s): Blanch, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Dolly was reading in bed wearing just her silky robe and fine sheer tights and Rolf couldn’t help touching and fondling those pantyhose clad legs. He wanted to feel those sleek tights on his face, so he shoved his head under their waistband. Later the chick treated him to nylon legjob and handjob before getting her pussy pumped in doggystyle without ever taking off her tights.

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Duration: 21min 35sec | Type: HD | Size: 512mb

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Marina is wearing her silky soft tights and their feel drives her guy Rolf simply crazy. He starts touching and kissing the girl’s pantyhosed parts while she’s flipping thru her magazine and soon they begin getting it on. Stripping down to her control top tights, Marina gives Rolf a legjob and a mouth job letting him lick and dick her nyloned snatch too.

Model(s): Marina A, Rolf | Duration: 22min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 535mb

Model(s): Marina A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Megan the office ho' was so hungry for her throbbing boss' dick Rolf, she could hardly walk thinking about a fat juicy load dumped in one or more of her horny hot holes. Her boss wore pantyhose too and knew this horny pantyhose bitch was after his throbbing boss' dick and he whipped out his blood filled employer's cock and that girl started giving him a blowjob like it was a popsicle.

Model(s): Megan, Rolf | Duration: 14min 19sec | Type: HD | Size: 339mb

Model(s): Megan, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Office boy Rolf caught lady boss Irene playing with her nasty pantyhose lady cunt and he broke out his throbbing boss' dick to get the milf rocking. He had to work the horny pantyhose bitch and that meant a dose of his throbbing hunk dick straight up that tight pantyhose pussy of hers. Soon she became submissive and startedsucking his cock so that they could enjoy some sexy pantyhose fucking.

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Duration: 18min 15sec | Type: HD | Size: 432mb

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos

Description: Office college interns Rolf and Irene the horny pantyhose bitch mixed it up in the employee lounge where she jumped on his throbbing hunk dick and make that office girl cream. Soon they got together and bam, they were getting hot and horny and that girl would amazingly take every inch of that boss' thick meaty member as he penetrated her torn nylon pantyhose and continued the non stop slamming that pantyhose lady pussy until they were thrashing around in climax.

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Duration: 17min 46sec | Type: HD | Size: 421mb

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseJobs.com | Category: Videos


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