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Description: We've got some nylon pantyhose face smothering rockin' and rollin' as Rolf dives into Laura's shaved nylon pantyhose muff. Her hot steamy pussyhole is so delicious looking it's no wonder that he is ready to bang this horny nylon pantyhose bitch and she gets his his boner stiff and ready and now he's ready for the battle. He plows into that tight nylon pantyhose pussy and begins to bang her hard until he blows a fat wad.

Model(s): Laura C, Rolf | Duration: 11min 31sec | Type: HD | Size: 249mb

Model(s): Laura C, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: It's living room couch action with cute Jen and Rolf as she's going to do some sucking pussy entombed dick fun too. The horny slut is all over his throbbing hunk's cock that leads to that nylon pantyhose face smothering they both so love. Now dude is banging her nylon pantyhose whore vagina from the back with hot doggystyle that takes over her mind.

Model(s): Jen, Rolf | Duration: 22min 46sec | Type: HD | Size: 539mb

Model(s): Jen, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Martha comes out the bathroom having just a towel wrapped around her wet naked body and in the bedroom she puts on her sheer pantyhose first thing. She’s wearing them without any undies, so her tasty buns and pussy become visible and it makes Rolf get a big bulge inside. He lets his hands wander over the girl’s nyloned bottom enjoying its smooth and sleek feel before nailing Martha from behind.

Model(s): Martha A, Rolf | Duration: 18min 29sec | Type: HD | Size: 438mb

Model(s): Martha A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Madeleine has got really mile-long legs and they look especially cool in those shiny suntan pantyhose. Rolf gets the hots for this leggy girl at once, so he sweet-talks her into parting her sleek pantyhosed legs and letting him eat her moist crotch. Once Madeleine gets wet and willing too, she strips to her boxer brief hose and sucks off the horny guy before getting banged thru the opening in her hose.

Model(s): Madeleine, Rolf | Duration: 27min 36sec | Type: HD | Size: 654mb

Model(s): Madeleine, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Platinum blonde Hilda is waiting for Rolf so she can start giving him a blowjob and get his thick meaty member all to herself. When he shows up she throws that nasty nylon pantyhose vagina up at him in a hurry. Rolf digs right in to that delicious horny nylon pantyhose bitch and the fever rises as he pounds Hilda's dripping tight pantyhose pussy until they both pass out.

Model(s): Hilda, Rolf | Duration: 18min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 404mb

Model(s): Hilda, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Checkout lucky Rolf shmoozing on this exotic leggy babe Jen as she seduces him with her sexy elegant nylons on the couch. He loves to stuff his face into her dripping tight pussy and lick those sleek smooth nylons of hers. As soon as they started getting some fucking going Jen knew her soft tight pussy was going toget a workout and filled with gooey white cum.

Model(s): Jen, Rolf | Duration: 20min 47sec | Type: HD | Size: 492mb

Model(s): Jen, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Barbara slipped her hands into her sheer pink hose teasingly squeezing her buns and hips to make Rolf feel like a tomcat with three balls. It didn’t take him long to get a big hard-on as the girl was wearing nothing but her provoking rosy tights. This nasty teaser did her best to make the guy’s cock even bigger and harder, so he was ready to pump her pantyhosed beaver nice and hard.

Model(s): Barbara, Rolf | Duration: 26min 45sec | Type: HD | Size: 635mb

Model(s): Barbara, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rolf is all over blonde Dolly, the sexy long legged on the sofa and he loved her sexy elegant nylons. He knew he had to stuff his cock deep into her dripping tight pussy as he couldn't resist a hottie in some delicate and sensual nylons. The two started getting nasty together and soon Dolly's sweet little cunt was getting plowed and filled with dude's gooey white cum bringing to a climax the hot pantyhose sex.

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Duration: 17min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 416mb

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Blonde doll Helga couldn't wait to get Rolf's throbbing hunk's cock deep into her and she knew he was turned on by nylon pantyhose as the fabric was sensual and alluring to him. Rolf couldn't resist when the girl let him get a look at her wet hot whore pussy and soon the heat was on as he whipped out his boner and jumped all over that nylon pantyhose whore vagina of hers. She took every inch of his pulsing hunk's cock and didn't let go until he dumped his man gravy deep inside her.

Model(s): Helga, Rolf | Duration: 17min 15sec | Type: SD | Size: 252mb

Model(s): Helga, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Blonde Blanch looked like a Barbie in her pretty dress with a two-layer skirt she was wearing with matching sheer pantyhose and high heeled sandals. Rolf began groping the girl’s pantyhosed parts as soon as they were alone. He went for a quickie without bothering to undress his girlfriend; he just pushed down a bit her silky smooth pantyhose and thrust his boner as deep as it would go into the babe’s tight snatch.

Model(s): Blanch, Rolf | Duration: 19min 36sec | Type: HD | Size: 465mb

Model(s): Blanch, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Our blonde hottie looked very sexy in her white tank top and short flowery flying skirt, but Rolf couldn�t take his eyes off Gina Gerson�s slim legs covered by sleek glossy tights. The lovers started smooching in the sitting-room, and soon the guy reached under the girl�s skirt and spotted an open gusset in her tights. Later they moved to the big leather sofa for some licking and dicking right through pantyhose.

Model(s): Gina Gerson, Rolf | Duration: 18min 4sec | Type: HD | Size: 427mb

Model(s): Gina Gerson, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Chillin' out on the leopard print sofa is Rolf when sexy long legged Hetty strolls in wearing her seductive svelt nylons and decides to play a game of "Guess Who?" but Rolf's got other games in mind. Rolf wants to play with her wet hot pussy especially since she's wearing her delicate and sensual nylons which is always a turn on to him. After a bit of more playtime they're getting some fucking going and dude is so balls deep into that soft tight pussy of hers banging away until he lets loose a massive wad of sticky salty sperm which brings this brunette hottie to realize some panty hose fucking is the best game of all.

Model(s): Hetty, Rolf | Duration: 18min 14sec | Type: HD | Size: 431mb

Model(s): Hetty, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Busty Irene loves to tease men, she knows how to make a guy hot and hard with her sexy pantyhose performance. She’s rocks that fine pantyhosed booty of hers and touching her pantyhosed beaver temptingly until Rolf takes the hint right and gets a huge stiffy for her to suck on. Then he tastes that yummy soaking snatch through Irene’s fine black pantyhose before packing it full of his fat throbbing meat.

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Duration: 19min 1sec | Type: HD | Size: 451mb

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Irene doesn’t seem to be in the mood for a score, but Rolf isn’t the one to take no for an answer. He’s been eyeing her long nylon clad limbs for quite a while, so he doesn’t want to give up now. Soon Irene finds herself blowing Rolf’s dick with her large tasty globes fully exposed. Then she spreads her legs in sheer glossy pantyhose for the guy’s sturdy thrusting pole.

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Duration: 18min 40sec | Type: HD | Size: 443mb

Model(s): Irene, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: With his pantyhose obsession, Rolf couldn’t keep his hands off Blanch’s tight pantyhosed booty. These slimming control top tights made it look so well-rounded and firm that his dick stirred in the pants. He had the babe sucking it off for some time before he took her right from behind. The view was gorgeous out there, so he had a hell of a time screwing his pantyhose clad chick doggystyle!

Model(s): Blanch, Rolf | Duration: 17min 33sec | Type: HD | Size: 416mb

Model(s): Blanch, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Here comes blonde Dolly in her sexy elegant nylons and lucky Rolf had to get a hardon and get on down to some hardcore pantyhose fucking that totally rocks. Dude's thick meaty member busts open that soft tight pussy of hers and he loves those sexy elegant nylons and she of course loves a hot wad of spuzz and you'll love the action here.

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Duration: 18min 37sec | Type: HD | Size: 441mb

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rolf is all up in that sweet little cunt of Dolly's and she's all about getting that blood filled dick of Rolf's all to herself. The long sexy legged hottie in her yellow satin blouse starts gobbling dude's boner getting it so it got slicked up to make it plunge into that soft tight pussy and bone her big time. The action got so deep that their hot pantyhose sex starts ruining furniture and the hardcore slut nymphomaniac is soon covered in his gooey white cum.

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Duration: 16min 21sec | Type: HD | Size: 387mb

Model(s): Dolly, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rolf is distracted from his treadmill while his girl Muriel clad in sheer black pantyhose teases him in every which way. This sultry dark-haired babe lets her guy eat her tasty beaver thru her soft silky tights and admire unbelievable softness of the nylon fabric. Rolf enjoys this kind of training going for fucking hot exercises in all positions possible. Keep fit with the pantyhose crazy couple!

Model(s): Muriel, Rolf | Duration: 19min 19sec | Type: HD | Size: 458mb

Model(s): Muriel, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Pigtailed mischief Marina stuffed her craving for a fuck hole thru the dark crotchless pantyhose on the bed. She was so consumed with this dildo toying that she didn’t notice her boyfriend. However, it didn’t take her long to seduce Rolf into sizzling hot sixty-nining and soon she was wearing nothing but her soft silky tights and stiletto heels. Her guy got naked too enjoying the soft nylon touch while stuffing Marina’s soaking muff.

Model(s): Marina A, Rolf | Duration: 19min 20sec | Type: HD | Size: 459mb

Model(s): Marina A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

Description: When a pretty naïve babe in fine sheer tights comes into your office, you can’t but think about an easy score. While Marina gets busy examining new fine silky pantyhose put on a display, her would-be-boss Rolf admires the softness and smoothness of the girl’s tasty pantyhosed parts. Such pantyhose worshipping makes for a stir in his pants and soon he is ready to drill Marina’s wet pantyhosed crotch right on his working desk.

Model(s): Marina A, Rolf | Duration: 21min 24sec | Type: HD | Size: 507mb

Model(s): Marina A, Rolf | Site: PantyhoseTales.com | Category: Videos

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