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Description: Have you ever seen such shemale beauty gathered in one place? Both of these girls are perfection and they both have such lust for cock that you will be sporting massive wood as you watch their desire play out on screen. They are rubbing and kissing and sucking cock and the cute blonde is clearly going to get fucked in her tight ass. After performing oral on the big cock she bends over and makes her butt available for penetration by the eager slut.

Model(s): Adriana, Sabrina D | Duration: 19min 50sec | Type: SD | Size: 291mb

Model(s): Adriana, Sabrina D | Site: ShemalesFuckShemales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Itís time for some hot shemale cocksucking so unzip your pants and get ready to be blown away, literally. At firs thereís a sexy brunette shemale sitting all by herself in the garden. She looks lonely and horny but she wonít be that way for long because thereís a hot babe with balls coming to join her. The pair will then embark on a transsexual journey that finds them both living out their sexual dreams. The doggy style shemale ass fucking has got to be the hottest part though.

Model(s): Emily A, Adriana | Duration: 19min 16sec | Type: SD | Size: 282mb

Model(s): Emily A, Adriana | Site: ShemalesFuckShemales.com | Category: Videos

Description: Itís a beautiful day by the pool and two hot shemale sluts are hooking up in what promises to be a ridiculously hot and sensual scene. Which chick do you like best? They both suck cock so well itís hard to choose a favorite but in the end itís about whether youíre a bottom or a top. The dark haired chick does most of the fucking and her big cock really knows how to bring the pleasure. She stuffs it in the tight asshole and really makes that slut scream.

Model(s): Adriana, Sabrina D | Number of pics: 127 | Resolution: 1494x1000

Model(s): Adriana, Sabrina D | Site: ShemalesFuckShemales.com | Category: Pictures

Description: A sexy shemale in a tight green dress is stroking her cock and moving towards orgasm when her equally horny lover comes in wearing a gorgeous red dress. The two of them are clearly going to hook up and that fun begins with a blowjob that sees hot shemale cock getting sucked hard. Then the beautiful babe in her sultry red dress bends over her new lover and pounds her asshole hard, stuffing all that tranny dick up inside the tight rectum and making her lover moan.

Model(s): Emily A, Adriana | Duration: 19min 48sec | Type: SD | Size: 290mb

Model(s): Emily A, Adriana | Site: ShemalesFuckShemales.com | Category: Videos

Description: The sexy redheaded tranny is lusty and horny for hard cock and she wants very much to suck. She bends over and pulls out her loverís shemale dick to wrap her lips around it and transmit her sensuality right into those heavy balls. Sheís given a blowjob of her own and then the real serious action starts as she is bent over and her asshole taken roughly. She loves having that hard cock in her from so many different positions because it makes her feel so feminine.

Model(s): Adriana, Patricia C | Duration: 20min 43sec | Type: SD | Size: 303mb

Model(s): Adriana, Patricia C | Site: ShemalesFuckShemales.com | Category: Videos


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