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Description: Benett needed herthrobbing boss' dick and Nicholas her boss knew he had to dump a hot wad of cum into his secretary's horny hot holes so they retired to the boss' lounge. That's when this horny pantyhose bitch showed him she would work overtime for his hard employer's cock so he had her prove it by taking his pulsing boss' dick to the limit and sucking his cock like she was a vacuum cleaner.

Model(s): Benett, Nicholas | Duration: 13min 43sec | Type: HD | Size: 323mb

Model(s): Benett, Nicholas | Site: SecretaryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: With no one around, the nasty pantyhose slut Benett took the chance to get hold of her boss Nicholas' hard employer's cock so she could suck and fuck it all day long. She loved to do pussy to mouth and in the office attic lounge they started banging like rabbits until he squirted that spuzz deep insde the brunette's horny holes.

Model(s): Benett B, Nicholas | Number of pics: 88 | Resolution: 1506x1000

Model(s): Benett B, Nicholas | Site: SecretaryPantyhose.com | Category: Pictures

Description: His maid is always wearing such slutty outfits he doesnt know how hes supposed to resist fucking her. Today she came in wearing a little satin dress with an apron and black pantyhose to make her legs and ass look so good it drives him wild. He cant possibly turn himself away from showing her what his cock can do. Shes too sexy and the fact that she put her hair in pigtails just means that shes really trying to get him into her hot box.

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Duration: 11min 24sec | Type: SD | Size: 165mb

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Site: SecretaryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: The cute blonde chick is walking around in this tight brown business suit and hes not supposed to fuck her? She looks too good to ignore and his dick is throbbing in his pants just thinking about slipping inside her hot pussy. Shes resistant to his come ons at first but eventually she gives in to the pure animalistic nature of his desire. His dick gets to visit her warm mouth first and then its time for a trip inside her pussy and some hard pounding.

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Number of pics: 55 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Site: SecretaryPantyhose.com | Category: Pictures

Description: His secretary walks in with her hair in pigtails and he knows that its time to fuck. He knows that despite the fact that she tries to fight him off at first this little babe is ready to be fucked and shes actually horny for it. She just doesnt want to seem like a slut but in that tight and sexy secretary outfit and in those beautiful pantyhose shes definitely horny for a dick in her hot hole. Shes going to get one too and she might even get a hot load of cum.

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Duration: 12min 8sec | Type: SD | Size: 176mb

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Site: SecretaryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: He sees the maid ironing in that short little satin dress and those beautiful black pantyhose and hes pretty sure that shes trying to tease him. No girl would be so cavalier about showing off her body would she? When he reaches out and grabs her hot ass she turns around and gives him a look that is so full of lust he knows that she wants cock. She wants to be deep dicked, fucked in her wet pussy and drenched in jizz when hes ready to cum.

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Number of pics: 72 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Benett, Adam | Site: SecretaryPantyhose.com | Category: Pictures


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