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Description: Working as a nurse Viola knew all the secret kinks of their male docs. For example Randolph was a submissive male whore inside and he really loved a cock, so Viola often played a strict strapon-armed dominatrix to satisfy his little dirty fantasies. In her sexy uniform and bright red suspender-tights she looked like a real bossy bitch ready to humiliate and roughly ass pound her eager male sub.

Model(s): Viola, Randolph | Number of pics: 60 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Viola, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Nurse filthy young whore Viola is over to check out Randolph's nasty tight ass and the horny sniveling punk knows he's in for more than he bargained for. She knows he needs some savage asshole drilling to treat him right and breaks out her big thick strapon to take his temperature. Well she's not actually taking his temperature she's actually brutal hardcore screwing his snug little butt in a wild session of massive fat strap-on nasty anal sex.

Model(s): Viola, Randolph | Duration: 14min 3sec | Type: HD | Size: 333mb

Model(s): Viola, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Videos

Description: Thinking that Viola wasnít home at the moment, Randolph decided to search her drawers and play with a sex toy. However, the babe came back while he was in the bathroom and captured the guy red-handed. Angry Viola was determined to teach him a lesson, a painful anal lesson that is. She began fingering his nasty back hole and then thrust that fuck toy inside up to the hilt working him as a jack-hammer.

Model(s): Viola, Randolph | Number of pics: 57 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Viola, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Pictures

Description: If Randolph prefers other ball games to billiards, then he has to do it the right way. Long and gentle oral isnít for this leather clad mistress, she wants it fast and rough. In the end the guy gets more than he could ever imagine when Charlotte turns him around and thrusts this rubber dick into his ass from behind. She bangs him doggystyle on the carpeted floor and then nails him down on the billiard table.

Model(s): Charlotte, Randolph | Number of pics: 47 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Charlotte, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Sexy Natali was hoping for some tight sissy boy butt and when she ran into sissy boy Randolph she knew he needed a real pounding that sissyboy's butthole of his. He loved nothing more than having a anihilated sissy butt and that meant hilda saw her mission before her. Since their significant others gone for the day the two got real horny and that's when she broke out the steel hard strapon and slammed his nasty sweet asshole.

Model(s): Natali, Randolph | Number of pics: 46 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Natali, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Gloria is shmoozing around for some nasty sweet asshole to fuck and the horny cruel dominatrix is zeroing in on sissy boy Randolph. She breaks out her rigid strapon dildo and soon she gets her passions red hot and starts him ready by sucking her strap on cock that gets her wet and ready. Soon the woman is banging his moist bitch boy ass and the sissy boy takes all of that steel hard strapon deep into his big meaty asshole that totally destroys him.

Model(s): Gertie, Randolph | Duration: 11min 21sec | Type: HD | Size: 268mb

Model(s): Gertie, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Videos

Description: To prove his submissiveness, sissy Randolph begs Gloria and starts giving her a strapon blowjob hoping she'll bust open his gripping hot sissy ass on the dresser. The hard sturdy strap on that she is weilding is just right for digging into a nasty hot ass and as soon as she's ready she starts pounding that sissyboy's butthole with glee. His ripping sissy asshole is soon destroyed leaving him nothing more than a lusty submissive sissy.

Model(s): Gertie, Randolph | Duration: 10min 28sec | Type: HD | Size: 247mb

Model(s): Gertie, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Videos

Description: When a submissive loser like Randolph sees a strap on dildo there's nothing he'd rather have is one stuffed up his tight slick butt and slut Diana is happy to do him in. The horny lady fem hops right onto that hot submissive ass of his and the submissive fool starts sucking her strap on cock and after being humiliated enough he then gets that strap on dildo stuffed up him royally. She then begins pounding that submissiveman's butthole and wears him out.

Model(s): Diana, Randolph | Number of pics: 82 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Diana, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Randolph is a lusty submissive submissive who loves nothing more than having a strap on dildo stuffed into his hot submissive ass and Viola is more than happy to oblige him. He doesn't feel right without a plundered brown eye and having her stuff that hard sturdy strap on deep into his gripping submissive butt is more than he desires. The two turned on to the max and then she stuffed that stone hard dildo all the way up his bum and humiliates him more by watching him giving her a strapon blowjob.

Model(s): Diana, Randolph | Duration: 16min 16sec | Type: SD | Size: 237mb

Model(s): Diana, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Videos

Description: Wearing a black latex dress and black latex boots this girl is clearly wielding control over her man. He seems resistant to her efforts to take his pants off but thatís only because he knows that the latex clad goddess is going to fuck his ass with a strapon cock. He doesnít feel ready to take her plastic shaft in his butt but he doesnít have any choice because sheís determined to fill him up. Itís going to hurt, no doubt, but she doesnít give a damn.

Model(s): Irene A, Randolph | Duration: 12min 42sec | Type: SD | Size: 184mb

Model(s): Irene A, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Videos

Description: The sexy redhead wears this latex dress and those latex boots because she feels powerful. She feels like she can control this young man and really fuck his ass into oblivion. She can pound him hard and make him scream out in a mix of pleasure and pain because thereís a very large plastic cock sliding into his butt. Throughout the scene she keeps the outfit on and fucks him progressively harder. His asshole is worn out when itís all over.

Model(s): Irene A, Randolph | Number of pics: 44 | Resolution: 1024x681

Model(s): Irene A, Randolph | Site: StraponPower.com | Category: Pictures


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