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Description: Watch as Leonard gets his hot submissive ass destroyed by Judith who got horny fast when she found out she'd finally get to use her stone hard dildo on him in the living room. Dude so started sucking her strapon making it slippery enough to dig into his tight slick ass and that was his mistake. The horny lady fem bore down hard with her hard strap on and the action has their horny passions up which finally results in his steamy hot butt fucked beyond recognition.

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Duration: 15min 53sec | Type: HD | Size: 376mb

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Horny MILF Judith is itching to fuck that submissive ass of visiting friend Leonard and he leads the action by giving her a strapon blowjob to prepare for the rollicking fun. She loves to bang some sweet raw anus and the nasty dominatrix slut really knows how to use a hard sturdy strap on. Leonard takes all that monster strap on stuffed up his backside and to make the humiliation even worse while boning him she makes him engage in giving her a strapon blowjob.

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Duration: 16min 8sec | Type: HD | Size: 382mb

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Pretty blonde Judith remembers Leonard and how she banged that butt of his before and in the kitchen she takes her hard strap on and work him over but good. Soon the scent of musky whiney man ass fills the air as she pounds his hot submissive ass making him shake like a bowl of jelly ash she slams that monster strap on into him without mercy. Soon his steamy hot butt is at the control of the nasty dominatrix slut.

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Duration: 13min 13sec | Type: HD | Size: 313mb

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: It's going to get messy when Leonard gives up that tight slick butt of his to his friend Judith the horny lady fem who is all about using her hard sturdy strap on on a guy whenever she gets the chance. With their naughty libido up the dude starts giving her a strapon blowjob that get it lubed for better entry and that's when Judith drives that thing deep into his steamy hot butt. Dude so gets that thick strapon dick business that his big meaty asshole almost howls.

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Duration: 14min 47sec | Type: HD | Size: 350mb

Model(s): Judith, Leonard | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos


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