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Description: Poor Jack is fixed on getting a thick strapon dick stuffed up his gripping submissive butt by blonde hottie Rosa. She won't stop until she rules over his destroyed raw rectum and forces the submissive to do some nasty sucking ass entombed strapon cock degradation. With that phat strapon dildo in tow she begins banging that hot submissive ass of his and got horny fast as she pounded away.

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Duration: 14min 24sec | Type: HD | Size: 339mb

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Kinky working girl Rosa invites handsome male colleague Silvester to her room telling him that she wants to show him some papers, but when he arrives she shows him a huge strap-on cock instead. Under the threat of losing his job, the guy goes down to suck off that fat rubber dick like a good boy. Then he gets his pants pushed down, as this dirty bitch prepares to nail his ass on the desk.

Model(s): Rosa, Silvester | Duration: 18min 51sec | Type: HD | Size: 447mb

Model(s): Rosa, Silvester | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Ponytailed Rosa needs to screw man butt and in comes Jack seeing her black strapon starts sucking her strapon to start things off. She loves to bang some nasty hot shitter like it's going out of style and the nasty dominatrix slut busts out that phat strapon dildo. Dude so loves a stone hard dildo rammed up his backside that he even degrades himself by blowing her strapon after it was buried in his asshole.

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Duration: 14min 27sec | Type: HD | Size: 341mb

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rosa is hunting for some snug submissive bunghole and poor Maurice and Rosa have their those horny passions up and she goes wild on him. She knows he needs to have his gripping submissive butt worked over now and again with a strap on dildo and she humiliates the fool by stuffing one deep into his nasty hot shitter and screwing him unmercifully. Now she take it on and fucks that submissive butt and then makes him suck her hard sturdy strap on.

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Duration: 14min 49sec | Type: HD | Size: 351mb

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: It was so easy for this nasty lady-boss to trick an unsuspecting sysop into sticking up his tasty ass while crawling on all fours under her working desk to get access to the sockets. Rosa aimed her pointy heel at Jack’s ass crack before pushing down his jeans and shoving her finger inside. The poor chap couldn’t believe he was getting fucked by a chick, but then he had to face her merciless strap-on tool too!

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Duration: 19min 15sec | Type: HD | Size: 457mb

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Jack could hardly imagine what he was in for when Rosa brought him home. They were drinking some champagne and then this kinky long-haired chick tied up that boozed up dude. The bossy babe whipped out her huge strap-on dick and poked the mouth of her male sub. Finally, she thrust her fake boner into his tight asshole and butt fucked him in every which way!

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Duration: 16min 28sec | Type: HD | Size: 390mb

Model(s): Rosa, Jack | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rosa is a very sexy babe, but she isn’t after guys’ dicks, she is after their nasty man pussies, and Hubert fits the bill all right. He is a cock-loving dude, and when his kinky mistress takes out her big strap-on surprise, he gladly takes the rubber cock into his mouth. Then this utterly twisted chick takes off his pants and fingers the guy’s asshole. In the end she drills him in all anal positions possible.

Model(s): Rosa, Hubert | Duration: 28min 19sec | Type: HD | Size: 671mb

Model(s): Rosa, Hubert | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Rosa always had this desire to dominate and she finally found the guy that could satisfy her kinky dreams. Gabriel liked to play a submissive pussy guy getting real pleasure from it. When Rosa showed him her sizable strap-on dick, he began to gobble on it. Our strapon-armed dominatrix really enjoyed this freaky fun, she explored the guy’s asshole and even fingered it. Finally, she butt fucked him doggystyle.

Model(s): Rosa, Gabriel | Duration: 18min 35sec | Type: HD | Size: 441mb

Model(s): Rosa, Gabriel | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Nothing gets her horny passions up like slamming a guy's hot submissive ass with a strapon and Rosa has maurice here to play with. The blonde lives to fuck man ass and on the upper hallway she starts him off by making him blowing her strapon so she can squeeze that plastic cock into his sweet raw anus. Maurice just loves the horny lady fem and begs her to use that hard strap on and hold back none.

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Duration: 15min 23sec | Type: HD | Size: 364mb

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Your eyeballs will bulge as nasty dominatrix slut Rosa goes for broke on Maurice's gripping submissive butt. The dude starts sucking her dildo to get ready for the destruction of his hot submissive ass and you get to see it all. Her phat double-headed dildo goes crazy in his nasty hot shitter like a plumber's drainage snake pounding that submissivemale's butthole she reduces him to a lusty submissive submissive who falls down and worships his mistress and her double headed dildo.

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Duration: 13min 30sec | Type: HD | Size: 320mb

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Watch as this nasty dominatrix slut Rosa gets all up in the gripping submissive butt of her play toy boy Maurice. To get things started off right he begins giving her a strapon blowjob getting her strapon all wet and slimey so it can squeeze on into that gripping submissive butt of his. That's when Rosa takes her hard sturdy strap on and gets busy on Maurice's sweet raw anus and the room shakes from her pounding that submissive man's butthole.

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Duration: 13min 25sec | Type: HD | Size: 317mb

Model(s): Rosa, Maurice | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos


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