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Description: The girl looks so good in her shiny silver dress that he can barely contain himself when she comes down to show it off. Heís been thinking about asking her to fuck him with a strapon for a long time now and this is the dress thatís going to drive him to popping the question. Heíll never be more aroused than he is right now and heíll never have as much confidence. He asks, she accepts and soon enough heís bent over and that plastic shaft is pumping his rectum.

Model(s): Subrina, Gilbert | Duration: 14min 2sec | Type: SD | Size: 204mb

Model(s): Subrina, Gilbert | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: The salacious blonde chick with the tight body is playing with her strapon cock and waiting for her man to arrive so he can receive his hot fucking. He loves being banged up the butt by this dominant beauty and whenever he gets the chance he peels off his clothes and lets her take him from behind. She slowly guides that big dick into his asshole and she pumps him, thrusting deep and making him feel like a little bitch.

Model(s): Subrina, Cyrus | Duration: 13min 21sec | Type: SD | Size: 194mb

Model(s): Subrina, Cyrus | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: When the cute chick finds the young man sleeping she figures itís the perfect opportunity to change into her strapon cock and have some fun with him. Of course she wakes him up before taking his asshole but itís just to tell him to get ready. He doesnít have a choice in the matter because this beautiful babe gets what she wants when she wants it. Today she wants his anus wrapped around that hard dick and sheís going to go for it lustily.

Model(s): Subrina, Nathan A | Duration: 12min 44sec | Type: SD | Size: 185mb

Model(s): Subrina, Nathan A | Site: StraponScreen.com | Category: Videos


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