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Description: Gilbert and Tom is a horny big guy who will do anything that turns him on and in this case he's so got his horny passions up that he's zeroing in on poor dude as his sex victim. He wants that tight hot butt and his and that means he's gonna bang that butt of his whether he wants to or not. They get it on and soon he's all in that raw tight bum of his and he's making good use of that hard sturdy dick like a major leaguer and a bat.

Model(s): Gilbert, Tom A | Duration: 14min 36sec | Type: SD | Size: 213mb

Model(s): Gilbert, Tom A | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: Two gay buddies Austin A and Henry really love it when tights encase not only their legs and bottoms, but their heads too. There�s nothing like kissing your lover through a pair of sleek tights or giving head while wearing a pantyhose mask, so these boyfriends make the most of their hosiery. Why, they even go for a thru pantyhose butt fuck leaving a big creamy load on the black tights.

Model(s): Austin A, Henry | Number of pics: 58 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Austin A, Henry | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Guys & Guys

Description: Since both Jacob and Silvester are wearing tights under their jeans, they cannot wait to strip off their pants and go down on each other. The gay mates readily suck cocks and rim butts making use of their open gussets while still enjoying the feel of nylon hosiery covering their legs and bottoms. Finally, the time comes for nylon anal sex, so Silvester positions his lover and drives his boner home.

Model(s): Jacob, Silvester | Number of pics: 60 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Jacob, Silvester | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Guys & Guys

Description: When a nasty dog whore like Silvester shows up you can bet Benjamin will be around to get some of that wet hot ass. Dude dives into that tight pantyhose butt and works his fat juicy boner and the poor man is destroyed! He takes that meaty boner and begins pounding that butthole of his like there was no tomorrow.

Model(s): Benjamin, Silvester | Duration: 21min 17sec | Type: HD | Size: 505mb

Model(s): Benjamin, Silvester | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: These two guys are scary when one breaks out his rigid meaty cock and the other is in pantyhose hogging the fat juicy dick of his buddy! He is turning into such a soft sissy boy that when he slams that big cock into his big pantyhose asshole he moans and whines as he keeps slamming that bunghole and he doesn't stop until he's thoroughly plundered that plundered brown eye of his victim.

Model(s): Phil, Maurice | Duration: 16min 52sec | Type: HD | Size: 400mb

Model(s): Phil, Maurice | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos

Description: Lewis and Hugo was such a a horny big guy and he was after some dripping tight butt instead he was going to end up the target as he was after only one thing and that was his gripping pantyhose ass . Soon this horny dude is breaking out the thick meaty penis and poor guy is doomed! He takes that meaty boner and begins pounding that butthole of his like there was no tomorrow.

Model(s): Lewis, Hugo | Duration: 11min 55sec | Type: SD | Size: 173mb

Model(s): Lewis, Hugo | Site: TryPantyhose.com | Category: Videos


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