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Description: This chick looks awfully nerdy but under that exterior beats the heart of a playful slut willing to take a cock in the ass anytime. She keeps a toy in her desk drawer that she’ll stuff into her butthole when it really needs a fuck and today she’s loosening herself up as the gallery begins. It feels so good to fuck her own ass; every thrust sends shivers of pleasure through her body and she’s always dreaming of a good fuck. One of her coworkers is almost always there to give it to her like in this hot set.

Model(s): Mia, Lewis | Duration: 13min 19sec | Type: SD | Size: 193mb

Model(s): Mia, Lewis | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Can any man be seduced by the right woman? If a hot slut is going to offer up her asshole to a man then she can get pretty much anyone to fuck her good. This sparkling and sexy slut looks elegant in her outfit and she has a treat for this young man. She wants him to be the one to pop her anal cherry and he’s not stupid enough to turn that down. He’s going to take her hard.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 15min 55sec | Type: SD | Size: 232mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: This girl knew the hotel guests were turned on and she followed this guy to his room and he had no choice but to want to fuck her because one look at her got his cock harder than a math test. Soon, she was out of her black dress and into her lingerie and made no hesistation that she wanted to get fucked in the ass hard and furiously. Dude whipped that big fat cock of his out and wedged it into her tight hot little shitter until she moaned and whined in pleasure and extasy.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 13min 33sec | Type: SD | Size: 197mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mia is an asswhore with no equal and she's going to get lucky Mike here to do her in her tight lady ass and bang that backdoor until he almost splits her in two. She knows she's going to get him hard enough for the job by giving him a blowjob and as soon as the lad is ready he's going to bore into that gripping lady pooper of hers until his balls bang together. Mike takes his throbbing older dick and squeezes it into her nasty lady bum and begins slamming that younger lady shitter until both of them break out in a sweat for a major anal sex workout.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 16min 20sec | Type: SD | Size: 238mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mia's a cutie with a big tight lady ass that just calls for a hard cock to plow into her and Lewis has arrived to do the job. When he saw the roundness of her butt cheeks he immediately got a hardon and her eyes bulged with delight and she just jumps for that blood filled cock of his sucking his cock so he'll be hard to penetrate her. He gets there alright and soon he's deep inside that tight young fudge tunnel of Mia's and doggystyle stuffing her fudgy until his cock is coated with her slick ass sauce and his spent cum.

Model(s): Mia, Lewis | Duration: 12min 10sec | Type: SD | Size: 177mb

Model(s): Mia, Lewis | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos


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