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Description: This young guy knew the foxy office secretaries had their own hang out and he snuck in to find Claudia there playing with her cunt. He moved in on her and told her how hard his cock got watching her finger herself and she asked if his boner was hard enough to fit inside her hot ass. She got down there and sucked his fat boner and got her spit all slobbered over it and then let him stuff his young veiny cock deep inside her secretary cornhole until his cum squirted out the sides of her pummled anus.

Model(s): Laura, Mike | Duration: 14min 15sec | Type: SD | Size: 207mb

Model(s): Laura, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Can any man be seduced by the right woman? If a hot slut is going to offer up her asshole to a man then she can get pretty much anyone to fuck her good. This sparkling and sexy slut looks elegant in her outfit and she has a treat for this young man. She wants him to be the one to pop her anal cherry and hes not stupid enough to turn that down. Hes going to take her hard.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 15min 55sec | Type: SD | Size: 232mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: This girl knew the hotel guests were turned on and she followed this guy to his room and he had no choice but to want to fuck her because one look at her got his cock harder than a math test. Soon, she was out of her black dress and into her lingerie and made no hesistation that she wanted to get fucked in the ass hard and furiously. Dude whipped that big fat cock of his out and wedged it into her tight hot little shitter until she moaned and whined in pleasure and extasy.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 13min 33sec | Type: SD | Size: 197mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: He thinks she looks amazing in her black dress and she has always dreamed about fucking him. The two of them are made for each other and theyre about to discover that together. It starts with a simple kiss but has soon escalated to full on oral sex as she drops to her knees and engulfs his cock with her warm mouth. Her body is perfect and thats part of what inspires him to want to fuck her so deep and hard. He just wants to tag her hot hole lustily.

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Duration: 16min 20sec | Type: SD | Size: 238mb

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Shes dressed in satin and although he seems to be working hard as he sits next to her hes actually dreaming about fucking her. Hes heard through the grapevine that shes an anal queen and he heard right; she loves to get fucked up the butt and if he has the thick dick to make her asshole sing then shes going to let him have her. He can have everything he wants!

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Duration: 14min 24sec | Type: SD | Size: 210mb

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: When the pretty maid with the tight butt found his mother's dildo while cleaning, Mike knew his chance as pounding that asshole of hers was now. She was scared and thought she would lose her job so she submitted to him by letting him play with her nasty little asshole. She knew he was going to fuck her bunghole because she found ass stuffing magazines in his room while cleaning up. Mike wasted no time getting her to bend over and take her just punishment of a juicy tight asshole fucking.

Model(s): Benett, Lewis | Duration: 14min 48sec | Type: SD | Size: 215mb

Model(s): Benett, Lewis | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: A man on vacation is lucky to be there but when the maid comes in and she's a long legged beauty with a mini skirt and stockings and high heels on you know something is going to happen. Dude gets bold and as she is bending over cleaning he checks out that bunghole under that mini skirt and is soon sliding those panties off and stuffing her tight twat. He fucks that cunt and then forces his boner down her throat so he can lube it up to plunder her tight little asshole until he busts a big gooey nut in her bunghole.

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Duration: 15min 43sec | Type: SD | Size: 229mb

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mia is an asswhore with no equal and she's going to get lucky Mike here to do her in her tight lady ass and bang that backdoor until he almost splits her in two. She knows she's going to get him hard enough for the job by giving him a blowjob and as soon as the lad is ready he's going to bore into that gripping lady pooper of hers until his balls bang together. Mike takes his throbbing older dick and squeezes it into her nasty lady bum and begins slamming that younger lady shitter until both of them break out in a sweat for a major anal sex workout.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 16min 20sec | Type: SD | Size: 238mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: These two just snuck out of an office party and are in their boss' lounge. This pretty foxy brunette with the short haircut wants some of this dude's hard boner and she wants it bad. She wants his boner stuffed far up inside her asshole and he is happy to comply. She lets him sniff her bunghole and lick her cunt and soon she's gobbling up his dick so it will be lubed up enough to penetrate her ass. Now it's on to some serious asshole fucking until her shitter is mashed to the max.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Duration: 13min 55sec | Type: SD | Size: 203mb

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mike didn't know his foxy wife would catch him masturbating and he told her that if she would let him fuck her asshole he would stop. She reluctantly agreed and let him first play with her cornhole so he could get her ready for a good hard stuffing. His bulging boner turned her on so much that she started to beg him to fuck her asshole and lubed him up with her spit and cunt juice. Soon he was plunging his throbbing cock into her asshole and spewing his gooey cum into her anus.

Model(s): Maria E, Monty C | Duration: 14min 45sec | Type: SD | Size: 215mb

Model(s): Maria E, Monty C | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mike wants to bust open Emilia's tight sweet ass. She wasted no time and soon got his cock good and hard by giving him a juicy blowjob that rocked his world. He took that boner and plowed it deep inside her gripping pantyhose pooper and began fucking it like he had a license. She took every inch of his thick meaty member and she even sucked it after he pulled it out of her nasty lady bum for some nasty ass to mouth action.

Model(s): Emilia, Mike | Duration: 17min 32sec | Type: SD | Size: 256mb

Model(s): Emilia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: These two horny lovers started the day off right by getting some serious asshole fucking on! She loves a big fat cock stuffed into her cornhole the first thing in the morning and this dude was not about to deny her a good ass banging. She's so slim that his fat bulging boner almost splits her in two as it eases it's way deep into her gripping anus. Soon his cock is squirting gooey cum into her butt and she's ready to suck that stinky asshole sauce off his dick so she can get more cum down her throat.

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Duration: 13min 5sec | Type: SD | Size: 190mb

Model(s): Judith B, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Mike knew that Sarah was the doing double duty at the office and was inside dusting the boss' personal lounge while wearing that sexy micro skirt she would prance around the office with. He knew she was a slut for hot butt fucking and that this might be his opportunity to plug her tight little asshole with some of his monster meat. He barged in and she was ready and willing and started giving him a blowjob and then letting Dave stuff his cock deep inside her hot and tight asshole.

Model(s): Emmie, Maurice D | Duration: 13min 20sec | Type: SD | Size: 194mb

Model(s): Emmie, Maurice D | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: She might be sleeping but that wont stop him from trying to make a move. He sees the girl lying there in her sexy stockings and her short skirt and its just too much to resist. He has to reach out and touch her, to run his hands over her body and see if he can convince her to give it up. He wants to lick the hot pussy that rests between her legs and then he wants to bend her over and jam his cock up her ass. The babe loves anal sex so shes perfect for him.

Model(s): Laura, Mike | Duration: 11min 57sec | Type: SD | Size: 173mb

Model(s): Laura, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: Sitting there on the couch all this playful blonde beauty can think about is dick. Her hair is curled perfectly, her lips are plump for sucking schlong and her pussy is always wet at the thought of being drilled. What makes her really excited though is having a cock in her asshole. It winks at the mention of penetration and when he brings out his thick penis she knows that soon enough shes going to feel it pushing at the entrance to her rectum.

Model(s): Cornelia, Mike | Duration: 13min 47sec | Type: SD | Size: 200mb

Model(s): Cornelia, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos

Description: As soon as they get home hes all over her, groping her from behind and trying to work his hand into her pussy. He wants to fuck the slut and since shes such a naughty babe she wants to get fucked as hard as he can deliver. She wants to feel every inch of his thick cock penetrating her and if hes willing she would love to have him fuck her asshole. Theres nothing quite like having a big cock slide up into your asshole as this babe knows.

Model(s): Laura, Mike | Duration: 12min 44sec | Type: SD | Size: 185mb

Model(s): Laura, Mike | Site: AnalScreen.com | Category: Videos


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