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Description: Her wanton and wicked ways are about to infect this young man as he gets an opportunity to fuck her tight ass. She lets him know that she’s in the mood for a fuck with a sensual look and when he grabs the red dildo and stuffs it into her asshole it only turns her on more. He knows that he can use her body any way he wants and that she’s basically his sex slave. She will do what he commands because she loves anal sex so much. That makes her the perfect slut.

Model(s): Mia, Lewis | Duration: 13min 7sec | Type: SD | Size: 191mb

Model(s): Mia, Lewis | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Videos

Description: The sensual and seductive girl opens the door and pulls her date in behind her. They were out for a luxurious dinner and she had a few drinks so she’s feeling particularly naughty. All she could think about while they were dining was his stiff cock pumping into her asshole and now the lascivious slut is going to make that dream come true. She’s going to seduce him with her hot body and then demand that he guide his stiff stick into her asshole to make her cum.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Number of pics: 105 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: Adam saw his neighbor Mia and got horny for that plump juicy butt of hers and she lusted for this big horny stud. In her frilly dress and white nylons she didn't take long to get his cock deep into her ass}right up her bunghole. Soon the boy's thick meaty member was churning up the sauce in Mia's tight lady ass and his youthful sexual energy began to own that plundered lady pooper exploding a hot wad of spuzz deep into her.

Model(s): Mima, Adam | Number of pics: 56 | Resolution: 1505x1000

Model(s): Mima, Adam | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: With that short black hair and those luscious stockings this cute girl is irresistible. She’s a hot slut just waiting to be fucked and her wet pussy isn’t going to be taking entrances today. No, instead it’s her asshole that wants to be filled and luckily she’s found a man willing to plug any of her holes. He’s just happy to be asked to do so. She bends over and lets him spread those cheeks so he can guide his cock up inside her.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Number of pics: 107 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures

Description: She exudes elegance at first glance but under that polished veneer beats the heart of a slut and when she gets the chance to let the slut loose she doesn’t miss it. Her loose skirt comes up easily so she can bend over and expose her booty to this horny young man. Her asshole is craving the invasion of a cock and with a little bit of oral action she gets him stiff and prepared to fuck. That’s when he pumps that cock inside her deep.

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Number of pics: 105 | Resolution: 1504x1000

Model(s): Mia, Mike | Site: AnalSaga.com | Category: Pictures


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